Fat Fast 2001 - Support Group

Starting a thread because I’m starting my first fat fast next week. My order of the new Methoxy should have arrived by then (cross my fingers). I’m also going to use 70 sprays of Androsol daily, 3-6 caps of MD6, PowerDrive daily, fish and flax oils, multi-vitamin, and some 5-HTP. Currently at 220 lbs. 12-13%. Plan is to stay on for 3 weeks then switch to the Don’t Diet plan. I welcome advice and support from everyone.

I would suggest using real food for at least some of your meals to help keep you sane. I use real food for 2 of my meals each day and my fat loss has been tremendous and it is pretty easy to stay on the diet this way. Good luck.

What is this fat fast, a written out plan? I’m wanting more info.

You can read the original article by Brock here: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

…and the second part of the article (the results of Brock’s experiment) here: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

Wasn’t there supposed to be another installment in the best selling Fat Fast trilogy coming up in the very near future?

Check out the two part article “The Fat Fast Experiment” by Brock Strasser. Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION and Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION – NasvhilleGuy

Hi Scott - well, I’m sitting here in day three of my own little fat fast. I have that light-headed slowed-down feeling as my nervous system goes through its last complaints about not having any glucose to chew on. (It’s gonna eat ketones and it’ll like 'em, by golly!) I’ve set a maximum time limit of 28 days.

On the supplement line I'm using Tribex, MD6 (6 caps), Methoxy (old for now, new when it gets here), T2 (3 caps but may increase it in later weeks), Advanced Protein, flax and fish oil, multi-vit. I'm eating one or two solid meals for sanity. Oh yeah, and water, lots of water. Folks don't lie when they say ketones have a diuretic effect!

For training I'm starting with "A Bowlful of Jelly" (and since somebody will ask "What's that?" without using the search engine, the link is http://www.testosterone.net/html/34jelly.html) I realize this can be a pretty intense workout with the Fat Fast. It'll be interesting to see how long I can keep it up. I'm also doing some cardio 2-3 times a week on non-weight days, 30 minutes of running - which unlike many here I actually kinda enjoy.

As for how I plan to come off it, I’m still musing. The Don’t Diet plan is looking interesting at this point.

One big plus for this diet for those of us who are lazy when it comes to domestic chores is that meal preparation and grocery shopping have become downright trivial!

Scott I would stongly urge you to slowly ween into the don’t diet. JMB had a great response to this question in one of the appitites for construction he gave a very good plan for comming off a keto diet and gettting straight your insulin sensativity etc. I wish I would have done that the carb crave after fat fast had me doublefisting nachos moments after. Just a word of warning if I were to do it again I would definitely wean myself off it.

Listen to knuckledragger. I did the same thing with the nachos, icecream…etc. I have promised myself that I will never do the fat fast again unless I can come off slowly (harder than you think!). The way fat will come back on after the FF is as scary as how it falls off during the fat fast.

Fuck it i’m with yah, lets see i’m going to see someone on the 12th of october who hasn’t seen me for two years so although i’m alot, and i mean alot different i will join you on this one up until tthe 7th of october, but mine will be modified with one day of cabs a week. Good god this will be my fifth fat fast and let me tell you it bloody works. Oh yeah stats are hieght 6 ft weight 175 lbs at 15 % bf will cut down to 7% bf. there you got some company now all i ask is that you fill in daily woth progress, i will do the same, it keeps me sane to know that an other is going through this.

Starting mine on Aug 27th. Does anyone have a clue as to Brock’s later modifications to the original FF? I realise that the article hasn’t been published yet, so it’s just speculation.

Day 5: The brain leeches appear to have given up as the fuzzy brain syndrome is now mostly gone. In fact, feeling fairly sharp mentally. Physically it’s another story. Not feeling fatigued so much as feeling that I just can’t get out of second gear. All in all not too bad. No real cravings to contend with as yet. Meals have been primarily protein shakes with solid food for the final evening meal. I think I’ll try to do three solid meals on Saturday and Sunday to liven things up. I probably also need to start looking for ways to treat myself. I know sugar free Jello has been mentioned in the past as one option.

I’m fat-fasting right now, also. I take about 6 Advanced Protein shakes a day and Udo’s Choice oil blend with each of them.

I have sort of combined the post workout nutrition that I used on the T-Dawg diet with my fat-fast. On workout days, immediately after my workout (which is at 5:00am) I have a Myoplex (about 6:30am), but I make the Myoplex with 8 ounces of water and 8 ounces of plain nonfat yogurt to get a few more carbs in and help curb the maltodextrin a little. About an hour after my post workout meal, I eat the first of my 6 meals for the day (AP & Oil). I don’t count this post-workout meal in my 6 shakes, so on workout days, I actually have seven meals, counting the yogurt/myoplex. This system is working really well for me, helps keep my energy levels and workout recovery on the upswing. I tried having just a myoplex after workouts and I added the yogurt after a couple weeks… my experience has been that having the yogurt has helped me recover better after my workouts and be less nauseated by the oil & shakes the rest of the day. Perhaps the cultures in the yogurt are the reason for that?

Planning on starting on Tuesday next week. Has anyone out there experimented with Surge for post-workout. I know Brock said he was going to experiment with limited carbs (<60) on workout days so I thought maybe 1 scoop immediately after workouts I might try it. I seriously doubt that I’ll get any cravings for ice cream or other unhealthy foods because I don’t like carbs in general (except fruit). I am going to try some 5-HTP though and hopefully that will cut my carb cravings if they appear. As for weening off the fast, I believe John Berardi was talking about coming off a very long ketogenic diet and how to introduce carbs into the diet. My plan is start the Don’t Diet with about 20-25% carbs and work my way eventually to 30% carbs. I plan to wait a good 8-12 weeks before going above the 30% range for carb intake. I think this should work. I’ll keep everyone informed once I start. I’ll need the support.

Day 9: Still hanging in there without much in the way of cravings. Managed to work in a rather tasty cheese omelet over the weekend. This evening will be my first really big source of temptation. I’m going to a business mixer and I’m sure there’s going to be drinks and unhealthy snacks. I’m hoping that by telling y’all about it now, I’ll have that much more incentive to stay clean. I’m not gonna be the one to break!

Hey bros it is Day 2 of my Fat Fast, this is the second time around for me. I had great results the first time around. If I can help anyone out let me know. You can also do a search to see what I took. The only thing different is this time around I was able to get my hands on some Androsol. Coming off it is a bitch like others have stated so just be prepared. Keep the updates comin bros it helped me tons knowing others were suffering as I was LOL. Later

Slam some md6 immediately before the mixer that will kick up your metabolism so all you will crave is water. Oh yeah if you are a person who sweats bigtime when you get hot you may not want to do that. I would test md6 first and see how you react. I could take the max but only after I took the min for 3 weeks. Good luck, K

Might wanna just pop a 50mg tab of 5-HTP instead of MD6, so that it doesn’t keep you up too late or make you sweaty at the mixer.

Day 3 today, the hunger pains were a little on the heavy side yesterday but otherwise good. The water loss so far has been big. So far I am already down 6 lbs and a 1/4 inch in my waist. Energy levels aren’t to bad yet, have Power Drive on standby for when it is down.

Well, I’m pleased to report that I was a good boy last night. I managed to work my schedule so that I could run by the house and grab my ‘solid’ meal for the day just before the mixer which helped a lot. Then at the event, I just stood around with a glass of ice water crunching the ice cubes. Seemed to work well enough. The table of goodies didn’t have much pull on me - though a couple of times I found myself staring at the cheese platters and thinking a cube or two wouldn’t hurt. But I know me. If I had ever started, I wouldn’t have stopped. So far I’m not having any trouble sticking with this diet but social gatherings can definitely be a hurdle.

dammit! I neglected to take my morning MD6 or any plain 5-HTP this morning… ate a PINT of Ben & Jerry’s for lunch. I tried for about an hour to resist the temptation, but I couldn’t. It was free. ARGH! I popped a couple extra ALA (400mg total) and 400mcg of Chromium in an almost futile effort to deal with the glucose, but I’m sure it’ll take me 24 hours to get back into ketosis as it always happens slow for me, then I’ll have to go through that drained feeling again while I readjust. If ever there was a carb addict, it is me. Note to self: Never leave home without taking your MD6 or 5-HTP when trying to keep carbs out of your diet.