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Fat face?


I'm almost a month into my T-dog diet. I've made some decent fat loss, but I have a long way to go. I lost 2lbs last week, not sure this week, I'll weigh myself on Monday. I was 17% BF last time I had it taken (August 11th) and I still feel my face looks somewhat pudgy. Seeing as most of my fat seems to settle around my mid section, is it likely I'll lose more fat in my face by the time I hit 10%?

I want my face to look more chiseled, not as round. Opinions?


yeah man I know what you mean. And yes, you'll lose fat in your face and neck


I found that as I approached 10 and got lower my face thinned out.

(Note, I have to take cortisone steroids so my face is naturally JFKish.

You'll definitely see some more structure to your face as your % of fat mass thins out.


I can't really answer your question, but I totally have this problem -- and it's not from having been fat. My face is just really round and I don't have a great jawline. It gets better and worse depending on body fat, but it's never what I'd want. I've talked to other people with the same issue and after a certain point surgery is pretty much the only option. I'd have to be more motivated and rich to do that.


Yes, it's likely.


it kinda depends on your natural body structure a little, some of the guys I know that are really lean just have "roundish" faces, they don't look fat or anything, but they won't ever get the kind of shape some naturally chizelled face guy has.


This goes with what Ren said. I'm not naturally lean so when I get lean my face leans out big time. I think Kelly Bagget said that this is how you can tell the difference between the naturally lean and th unnaturally lean.