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Fat Dosage

Hi folks.

I have been unable to find any dosing information for healthy fats, like flax and fish oil. Can someone give me a brief rundown of approximate dosage? I’m 195 lbs and consuming about 2500-3000 calories per day.

Regarding Omega 3, to Omega 6, I think a 2 to 1 ratio would best.

So far as EFAs as a whole go, I believe Dr. Berardi’s recommendation of 1/3 of one’s fat intake as EFAs is a good one.

To add to moon nights post. A ball park range of total fat intake is generallt between .4-.6g per lb of bw.

So at 196 you would be between 78 and 117. This dependent on the individual and how they have their diet laid out and such how they are effected by varoious macros. Some do better with higher carb and lower fat etc… But this gives a nice big ball park to aim for so you dont go NUTS calculating macros all day,.

As for fat sources and breakdowns of the indivdual fats. Sure 1/3 of each is suggested. Once again dobt drive yourself nutty trying to hit this every day. Simply get a good mix. Today you may swing a litle highj on Sats, tomorrow, on polys. It’ll balance out in the end. Just try and get varied and GOOD sources.

As for fish oils I go the simple rule and just take 6-10g a day usually 6 then will trhow in flax meal/oil some days and vary my other sources.

Oh these may help
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Hope this helps,