Fat digeston

Im really fascinating by this subject.

Lets say I eat 40 grams of fat. What happens next?

The argument is that without insulin, the fat in my blood wont be stored in the fat cells. Ok, fair enough, but it cant just magically disappear? If its just metabolized for energy, it is used instead of adipose-fat, right? So it wouldnt really matter if I ate carbs or fat? It just seems to me that in the end it all comes down to an energy balance…the only way this cant be valid is if fat taken in without carbs is somehow not used for energy, and therefore is not part of the “energy in”

The argument is that without insulin, the fat in my blood wont be stored in the fat cells. [/quote]

Not that simple. This is what I replied on another thread.

ASP (acylation stimulating protein) is insulin independent. The presence of chylomicrons (from fat) in the bloodstream, even in the absence of an insulin increase , will stimulate fat storage (via ASP) and inhibit breakdown (via inhibition of hormone sensitive lipase).

Ok, here’s something that your question makes me wonder about.

After exercise, fat is supposed to be used for energy. If you have high GI carbs one hour after lifting like recommended for gaining cycles, then wouldn’t you get an insulin spike while fat is in the blood stream being used for energy?

Also, wouldn’t the same sort of thing apply for mornings? Fat would be used for energy overnight, and if you wake up in the morning and have carbs, wouldn’t that be bad?

Or am I totally misunderstanind this?

Can’t it be passed as a stool softener?

Thunder is that right?

In that case, Poliquin’s diet makes little sense, since fats stimulate fat storage by themselves BUT without the muscle building benefits that comes from insulin.

The title of your post should be fat METABOLISM.
Go to your local library and spend some time reading about it in any physiology textbook. It’s a complicated subject that I’ve spent months trying to master


I too became curious about fat metabolism after I took an introductory nutrition class two years ago.

I wanted to know exactly what happened when I ate fat.

So in my quest I researched, talked to nutritionists at my school as well as chemistry professors.

It took me awhile but I came to the conclusion that there is no clear answer! Like so many other things fat metabolism just depends!

What I gathered was that everything about fat metabolism isn’t known for starters and what is known is dependent on many variables.

So some of the intelligent and seemingly qualified people I talked to couldn’t give me a good answer.

So whether this is purely an academic exercise for you or if you are interested in applying this information to your eating habits the best I can recommend is to take what some very intelligent people such as John Berardi have laid out for nutritional advice and try it on for size. If it doesn’t work for you try manipulating the diet or try something else until you find something that works for you :slight_smile: