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Fat Digestion Issues


I have always kept my daily fat intake to about 75-100 grams mostly from Coconut Oil. Once a week for the past two weeks I have been eating peanut butter sandwiches as a cheat. Problem is after 20-30 min I get the runs. Is this just because I am not used to the fat intake or can it be an allergy? Also can this cause an issue with the digestion (transit time) of the rest of the days food intake? The next morning I am usually really hungry.


Sounds like digestion to me. Many people have issues with peanut butter etc. It makes me spotty. Your experence sounds like my experience with dairy. I feel full, increased 'transit time' and alternating diarrhoea/constipation. Try takling it out (consistently) for 2-3 weeks (so no nibbling peanut butter) and you'll probably get your answer. If you get better/ symptoms go away - that's it. If not, try something else in the same method.


You only have two variable so this shouldn't be that hard to figure out.
Buy a jar of almond(or other less allergenic nut) butter and some gluten free bread.

On the 1st treat days do a peanut butter sandwich with gluten free bread.
on the 2nd treat day do almond butter on regular bread.
and on the 3rd treat day almond butter on gluten free bread.

How your body reacts when given the three different sandwiches should help you narrow down the culprit.


hahaha peanut butter sandwhiches as a cheat


You can also try taking a digestive enzyme with lipases to break down fat as well as proteases to break down proteins. That helped me immensely.


^^ That, and/or get hold of some Ox Bile which can also be helpful with fat absorption. Am lacking a gall bladder myself, so my fat absorption is rather crap whatever i do (and i've tried), but heard good things about NOW's Super Enzymes.


I think these^ would be like slapping a band-aid on the problem.
Your best bet it to figure out why your body is reacting the way that it is. If you eat 2 servings of peanut butter on your sandwich you are looking at 30 grams of fat. Should the human body be unable to digest 30 grams of fat(if you have a gall bladder of course) or is that a symptom of other problems?

My first hunch would be that you are on a diet in which you have become accustomed to eating only a handful of different foods every day. The PB sandwich is like the digestive curve-ball you throw in every week. Do the elimination method I wrote above and see how you react. If you react poorly on all three sandwiches you will know its a sensitivity to variety and the way to cure that is to have more variety in your diet. You can also try an optional low-fat peanut butter sandwich and see if it is fat. But again if you can't digest 30 grams of fat that is a symptom of other problems.


Thanks for the replies. I think my problem is that my body is not use to such high amounts of fat in one sitting. I only cheat once a week but, when I do it is up to a jar of peanut butter sanwiches with an assortment of jellies. I was wondering if this was affecting the digestion/transit time of the rest of my food intake. On these cheat days I usually train with weights and do a long distance run. The next day I am really hungry in the morning even though calories burned were no where near calories eaten.


Not aiming very high huh......


Specific to the OP I agree with you, however there are many situations where a enzyme suppliment is appropriate. This just isn't one of them.