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Fat Deposits on Chest, What BF %?

I have a friend has got to be in the 20s as far as bodyfat % goes.  He has recently started training, seeking to get to far lower level.  Because he is quite embarrassed about the deposits of fat on his chest (he said he wants to "lose the tits"), he keeps asking me at about what bodyfat percentage does chest fat tend to disappear, or at least flatten out.

I don't know the answer, so said I'd check here to find if anyone knows. It will of course vary based on genetics and such, but does anyone have an idea?


Yeah sure, your friend....


Kidding aside, I don't think there is a specific fat % to loose "the tits" but I would guess that it's somewhere around 15%. I only say that because a male at 15% body fat would be conisdered in good health and thus assuming no fat deposits on his chest. Really though, fat % test are never really all that accurate so the best advice would be to just "giver". Keep exercising.


My guess was that the average would be about 15% or so as well.



I don't understand why people speculate at what percentage what will look like what.

Tell your "friend" to go get his bodyfat measured if he ever intends in making progress in order to track it effectively. In order to know where you want to go, you need to know where you are starting at.


I will also add that different people store their fat in different places, so discussion like these are totally irrelevant. I'm sure I've been as high as 15% before but I never have titfat.


Right, that's what I meant when I said, "It will of course vary based on genetics and such..."




It actually is a friend that asked me. As a FFB, I lost my tits a long time ago, LOL.


ask him to gauge his bf with using a shoe...duh


in addition to that, you should tell your friend that he can measure his bodyfat 304223425 times a day, but that number isnt going to fucking matter as long as hes still got the tits. what difference does it make?

he wants to realize just how fat he is? couldnt he just look at his tits and figure that out? tell that guy to take himself and his tits to a gym and start working, eat sensibly, and worry about his bodyfat after he no longer has tits.


I gotta agree with dez. It's just a number. Even if he knows what that number is to the 27th significant digit it won't help him reach his goal. He needs to focus on what he's doing now, in the gym and kitchen. Don't sweat the details, just SWEAT!


I guess I just like a little more precision in my life. In order to know where you are going, you have to know where you are at, and looking in the mirror isn't exactly an accurate diagnosis of one's bodyfat level. To each his own.


The shoe knows all and sees all.


If he can get his bf below 10%, he should not have tits. If he still does, he may want to consider cosmetic surgery.


I tend to fat a lot on my chest,but I'm kinda lucky because even if it's fat,it looks "decent" ,I mean, it's still totally a fat chest but at least I'm not like those guys with "torpedos" sticking out.