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Fat Deposition


I store almost all of my fat on my belly and ass (duck syndrome). My legs, arms, back, sides, chest, and shoulders stay relatively lean.

Is this a cortisol imbalance issue?

Is this correctable through diet and/or supplements?

What would those changes be?


bio sig analysis could tell you. would reveal what types of foods or chemicals cause what. simple sugars go to the back i believe?


Check it out. I suggest reading the whole article as well.

source: http://www.apec-s.com/BIOSIGNATURE%20MODULATION%20Article%201%20_2_.pdf


From Poliquin's article, it would seems I have a cortisol (lower belly fat) and estrogen issue (fat on my glutes).

To fix the cortisol issue he says to cut out the sugar and caffeine. Caffeine's already not there, I guess it's time to cut out sugar too. I'll add rhodiola rosea too.

To fix the estrogen issue he says to eat more vegetable to detox the body. I'll throw in green tea to the mix as well since I've heard so much about the detox effects from it.

Just from experience, Tribulus seems to help improve my body comp and stamina (does nothing for strength for me). I'll throw that into the mix.

Thanks, that's exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.


No problem, keep us updated on how it's going.


Don't you mean bio-sorcery analysis?


It's widely believed that targeted fat loss is impossible and there aren't any REAL medical studies that show otherwise.

Lean is lean. Everyone carries less fat on their arms than they do around the middle. It's an evolutionary adaptation to protect the vital organs.

Just something to think about before you go shelling out tons of money on supplements you don't really need...


Bare in mind that medical studies concerning diet and exercise are decades behind other science fields. And I have seen people carry fat in different places preferentially. Like some women can be lean but carry a lot of fat underneath their tricep. Some men carry a lot of fat on their back and belly and chest, but almost none on their ass.


Central adiposity is primarily a cortisol/being fat issue. To lose fat on your belly, you have to lose fat overall, but it will also help to destress some. There is no supplement that can destress you or reliably reduce cortisol beyond placebo. Eating a healthier diet with more fruits and vegetables will help with both issues.


people store fat in the core of their body as the body prefers to keep its energy reserves close to its organs...

this is for survival...Do you really think taking some herbs is going to overide your body's natural survival mechanism that has evolved over thousands of yrs?...

No bro...

if you want to get rid of that fat, you are going to need to burn it through diet...you will most likely burn fat from the outside in...burning fat in the limbs, back, and legs before you start burning fat in the abs and lower back...


Afaik, the original basis of spot reduction was if you had fat on your abdominal area, you should do sit-ups to fix it and so on. Biosig, is based off of correcting existing hormonal imbalances in the body.


I don't store fat in my lower back or even my sides. Not much. Besides, even if those supps don't do anything with where I store my fat, they'll help with general health anyway. I don't see how I can lose here. I've also been changing my diet. Cutting sugar just to start. I'll adjust the diet as necessary. I'm also changing my workouts. I'm following Westside template, but for accessory work (comes after DE or ME and supplementary work) I'm going to be doing some EDT type stuff.

I think just those small changes in addition to the other stuff will go a long way. I'm not looking for 6 pack abs. I just want to look a little better, feel better, and lower my blood pressure (it's borderline atm). I'm between 195 and 200lbs. I want to slowly go down to between 190-195lbs. I've had luck with body recomp with small weight changes in the past with strength going up. I figure I'll do it again just with the added supps and measure my progress carefully to see if there is a change.


I also started having more of this fat deposition after starting wellbutrin. It can act a little like a mild stimulant so it could be messing with my cortisol levels.


What's your overall level of bodyfatness? I'd like to think I have a stubborn layer of belly fat, but really, it's just mixed in with overall fatness, and any regular diet will work to get it off. It's generally only at extensive levels of leanness that you start worrying about it.

What little I've heard about bupropion is that isn't usually attributed with fat gain.


Fatter than I should be lol. Probably close to %20 if I had to guess. Oh, and I forgot to mention height 5'10". I'm going for mostly a recomp with low weight loss so I can keep my strength up. I'd like to be a non-fat 240 by the time I'm 30 so I can be the optimal weight for my height for powerlifting (all the best PLers at my height are about this weight).

I'm also concerned with my health since I'm only 24 and have borderline high blood pressure. My dad always had high blood pressure and had an extremely enlarged heart.

I've also started taking fish oil regularly. I'm trying to find that fine balance between getting the max. benefit out of fish oil without added undesirable results (easy bleeding, GI distress, etc).

For a little while I actually did work for 6 pack and it was lower belly fat that was the last fat to go before I got it. I was at a weak 160 though and I pretty much just did it so I could feel confident about gaining weight and being able to shed it back off so I know how to lose unwanted weight. I'm just going to gradually make more changes as necessary to fix the issue.