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Fat Debates

I was re-reading Dr Udos book “Fats That Heal, and fats That Kill”, and also reading some of his articles/interviews I have saved from alot of the magazines.

In it, he says that his Perfect Oil Blend is all the good fats that anyone needs to take. And that his oil, lays the foundation, the building blocks of EPA/DHA. SO that it isnt necessary to take fish oil supplements, beacuse even though they give you EPA/DHA directly, you still need the foundation so your body can make its own.

Then he also goes on how fish oil supplenets, are all almost rancid, and goes on how they make fish oil supplement caps.

I am very confused now. John Berradi (hope I spelled it right) says that you wont get any good effetcs unless someone has 10 gms of EPA/DHA daily (which for most people, would mostly come from fish oil caps, which could come out to 20 caps a day!!)

And here is the “expert” on fats, and he basically says, have 1 to 5 tablesppons of his Perfect Oil Blend, and you will have all the good amount of fats you need. Which means no fish oil caps at all than.

I would like to know, what does everyone think about this, and I would love if Mr John Berradi would comment on this.

Both groups are right. Dr. Erasumus says the body will convert the other essential oils into DHA/EPA but the thing is it’s hard to tell how much of a conversion one is going to get and for the greatest benefits of DHA/EPA they need to be taken at high enough dosages (6-10 grams) which you can’t really guarantee unless you’re actually supplementing with them and not something that converts into them (such as flax or other essential oils). As for his remark that most fish oil supplements are rancid I have heard this as well but not 100% sure about it. I guess the safest thing to do is stick with a reputable supplier.

I have an alergy to Dr. UDOS blend (the seseme oil in it). Anybody got any ideas for a home-grown version? I already do things like mix up Safflower, flax, and olive oils, and make sure I get 8 oz or so of salmon a day.

ALA will convert nicely to epa in vivo, but generally even high intakes will not increase DHA. Real increases will only happen with fish oil supplementation. THe amounts of ~10g epa/dha is to illicit a metabolic effect, which if you believe most ‘experts’ on the subjects (S Clarke) you need about 5% total energy intake as epa/dha

if 10g of epa/dha is 5% of your caloric intake then you’re only taking in 1800 Calories. Not too many can gain on only 1800 Calories.