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Fat Cycling


I have been following Thibs "To the end of May" locker room and he has some pretty damn interesting ideas about nutrition. Someone mentioned fat cycling, I've heard fat cycling/loading mentioned in the past but know nothing about it. If any of you know anything about it, please give your input.

My questions:

What do you eat or drink?


Do you eat protein too or are both protein and carbs kept low?




Thank you, exactly what I was looking for!


ok, someone's going to have to explain the rational behind "fat loading". I cannot for the life of me see why anyone would fat load. At least carb loading, or refeeding, serves a useful purpose.


boredom relief? :slightly_smiling:



agreed. sounds incredibly stupid


I remember this from day before/of contest dieters. I read Spud's Fat Loss Diaries and Spud ate tons of peanut butter covered rice cakes (C+F) the day before and of his contest to fill out. He was a Shelby Starnes client, FWIW.


If you want to know you'll hit the links above.


I already did a few weeks ago when the articles first appeared. in short, fat loading is pretty much useless unless, like previously mentioned, it's the day before a bodybuilding contest and your intramuscular triglyceride stores are depleted. under that circumstance, a fat load (along with carbs) could be useful. simply eating less fat some days only to "load up" on fat other days is retarded.


but that would require effort!