Fat/Cholesterol Free Coconut Milk

I am originally from a tropical island. I am used to my mom’s cooking which like many island’s main cuisine’s ivolves a lot of Coconut Milk. I know that there is a lot of fat and cholesterol in coconut. So I do not consume it. However, like any true blooded tropical Islander, I crave it very much. Do you guys know of any coconut milk products that is fat free and cholesterol free? Thanks in advance.
Ron Jeremy

No bodybuilder or athlete should be afraid of coconut
milk, or any saturated fat for that matter,
provided that calories are good, macronutrient composition is good (if there’s substantial
fat in the meal, then you want either low carb
or isocaloric), and the overall diet is not
overloaded with saturated fat vs. monounsaturated and the essential fatty acids.

Steaks are good too. So are eggs.

Go for it!!!

Hi Bill,
Thanks for the info.
Ron Jeremy