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Fat Chicks

I have been followign some of the threads on this forum and there seems to be a fair amount of ridicule of the fat chicks in the gym. I am wondering why that is. They are at least making an effort to change. I also gather from alot of the posts that many of you got into bodybuilding because you had a weight problem. There is a girl who started coming to my gym about three months ago and I see her almost everytime I work out. She has probably dropped 30 lbs and is starting to really look great even though she needs to lose at least another 40. Doesn’t hurt that she has a georgous face, but sho is just about the only woman I see hitting the free weights, and with better form than most of the guys. Anyway, I think it’s cool she’s in the gym instead of stuffing her face at Burger King.

In my opinion, the ridicule is more leveled at the folks (and it’s not really gender specific) that come to the gym to lose weight (tone up – if I only had a dime for everyone that used that line), but won’t change their eating habits or put in the work to get what they want.

I haven’t seen any lately, but I haven’t been following the forum much. It bothers me too. I think it’s great when the overweight, either male or female, change their bodies and lifestyles.

I will mention, however, that one should dress appropriately for one’s body type and fitness level. In other words, if your thighs rub together enough to cause a small fire, then perhaps you aren’t ready to wear that spandex body suit.

Good point Army. Big girls in the gym are future t-vixens in training(as long as they stick with it).

Generally, the people on this forum don’t make fun of fat chicks who are trying to do something about it. They’re making fun of fat people who are lazy and making escuses rather than getting to work. (See those fat acceptance groups threads.) Big difference. And no one is better suited to make fun of a lazy fat person than someone who’s been fat in the past and changed.

I have no problem with the fatty’s that come to the gym and read the paper between sets and eat chips after their workout - I think it’s great they are trying to make a change in their health, but there is not one single person at my gym who has actually made any kind of change in body composition over the last 3 years. I just think it’s sad that they keep coming in and yet they remain fat or really skinny. I just dont get the point. Is it so they can tell their friends they work out at a gym or what?

Nothing disgusts me more than a “Fatty” However if they are trying in the gym then I respect that. Unfortunately more often than not, they dont understand the connection between diet and exercise and the synergy between them. But effort is effort and I respect that. Now wheat really blows my mind are these retards that leave the gym and light up a smoke…

Tell her you’ve noticed her progress.

I have never made fun of anyone for going to the gym. However, I can’t help but feel sad and disgusted when I see a fat woman putting in 10% effort to lose weight…shoulder pressing with 5 lb dumbells? Benching the bar cause more than that is to HARD!!! These people are a disgrace but at least they are in there.

What’s wrong with Burger King? I’ll have a number 2 (i.e., double whopper), hold the mayo, and a diet coke.

Army, I totally agree with you and have this suggestion. If you haven’t already, say something complimentary to this woman. I don’t mean hit on her. I think we all know how good it feels to have someone notice the work we are putting in and the changes it is making in our physiques. I was always skinny & now that I have some muscle, I always bask in the glory of someone that I don’t know coming up and saying something complimentary or just asking how long or where I workout, a compliment in itself. Those comments always motivate me the next time I am in the gym because I don’t want those compliments to stop. I am sure it would make her day and motivate her. Know what I mean? Herc

I agree you should say something to her. As a T-vixen in the making, compliments in the gym are so motivating. I have lost about 40 lbs so far, but I lost 20 before I would even set foot in the gym. I started lifting about three months ago and had to suffer through the humiliation of being exhausted after my 5lb shoulder presses. I am also one of the only women in my gym that does any lifting and it is sometimes intimidating to wade through the muscle for my place in front of the mirror. But at least I have graduated from the 5lb dumbells, and it is really encouraging when people notice.

Yup - if you haven’t yet, say something encouraging. It’s always great to see newbies in the gym who generally want to make progress and learn to train smart. They in turn, make me want to do better, too.

There is a girl who comes into my gym and trains at 4.00am, she trains as hard as she can and has started to really change her body, I have more respect for her than 98% of the weighttrainers I come across, she is really trying and thats all you can ask for.

I give overweight people who eat right and exercise a very high level of respect, because of the such low self-esteem that they might have or all of the insults or looks that they get. When a person who works out and doesn`t change eating habits, thats what makes me want to ask them, “Why do you put up the effort?”

I agree with most of the posts here. The gym can be very intimidating for someone who overweight. I see so many new people for a few weeks then never again. When I see a fat person come in and stick with it, it really impresses me. Those people must make up a very small percentage of the population.

I know what you mean about seeing people ofr a few weeks, and never again. I work out at NYSC in Manhattan. During the month of January you see a great influx of new people in the gym. Mostly overweight middle aged men, and women in full make up. They work out for a couple of weeks, and then you never see them again. Sad

I guess that is to be expected when people are bombarded with promises to loose lbs. in 4 days or whatever the next ad says. People do not see the immediate results the want and loose motivation. I believe the ones who stay have done two things. 1) Educated themselves so they can set reasonable goals to attain. 2) Got motivated enough to not worry about their own progress not what everyone else in the gym thinks about them. Good for them I say.

About a year and 2 months ago I weighed 300 lbs, now with all the fantastic information and encouragement I got from T-mag, I’m 210 @ 11% BF. The first time someone in my gym comlimented me was like a shot in the arm. So I say if you see someone who is overweight and they are progressing, comment on it, and tell them to keep it up.

One of the best complements I ever got at the gym was when I was leaving and just before the door shut behind me I heard the owner of the gym say “That girl has completely changed her body in the past few months” I was SOOO pumped! You should DEFINATELY tell this woman you have noticed her progress.