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Fat Calipers


for those of you that have tried.....

how is the Accumeasure ?? or the Fattrack Gold (electronic) ?

which is is better?
aside from price...


I am not an expert but I purchased the FatTrack with the electronic caliper and tape measure. I take my own readings and the caliper and tape measure are both very easy to use with one hand.


I second the ease of use on FatTrack. Its very good. One problem with calipers is that if you have a relatively high BF% its hards to get an accurate reading. Beyond that, the fattrack is pretty nice.



I have the accumeasure and it's definitely easy top use. It's about average on accuracy.


yah just hope the calipers are remotely accurate, I mean some other mesaures right away you know they're waaaaay off. The scale said I was 34%bodyfat.... pretty sure thats not it...


Can u take more than 3 measurements with the electronic one?