Fat Burning

Hello, so i worked out from June through the whole summer, and now that school is starting, i don’t have time to go to the gym everyday, so i was wondering if you guys have home exercises to do with no equipment to burn fat. I heard that walking in the mornings is good but i’m not sure. Sorry if this is a stupid question

yes, walking is good.

IF you walked all morning, you would probably burn some fat, but humans are quite efficient at walking, so I would add more than that to your routine. Pushups, air squats, situps, burpees, planks, jumping jacks, and numerous other exercises can be done without equipment.

Just doing simple complexes with the things that Ecchastang wrote is a great way to stay in shape.

If you can afford to walk 4-6 miles a day (but only if you walk at a good pace; most people don’t lose weight walking because they walk at a snail’s pace), then you’ll probably be losing fat too.

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Lean bodies are mostly made in the kitchen, you need to get that right too. As for exercises: everything listed above is good.

Do i still do all that in the morning, or whenever

Intensity is the key here.

The normal recommendation is to do low intensity (walking) on an empty stomach (ie. in the morning) and short, high intensity sessions on a full(ish) stomach.