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Fat Burning Supplements

What would be a good fat burner that works for people under the age of 18? CLA, Carnitine ? thanks for your time

You’re 18…you shouldn’t be worried about fat burners.

Agreed. Although I am 21 and have used HOT-ROX, I believe that someone much older and more out of shape than myself would benefit more than I do. HOT-ROX worked well, but I was also interval sprinting and cutting my diet back to 1000 below maintenance, and also doing quasi-keto diet.

So, in essence…

[quote]Lotus wrote:
…I believe that someone much older and more out of shape than myself would benefit more than I do…[/quote]

Actually, I think the opposite is usually true.Usually, the more out of shape you are, the less extreme and less supplements play a role in making a change. When you’re truly out of shape, a few simple changes can have dramatic effects.

When you get down towards your ideal weight is when you need to start dialing it in more. Regardless of age, HOT-ROX will help someone who’s lookin for all the help they can get. Its up for interpretation the cost-to-benefit ratio.

Physiologically, however, I don’t believe there is an age requirement for things other than androgens. The age minimum for things like HOT-ROX and Methoxy-7 usually refers to the lack of maturity displayed in younger weightlifters, I believe.

These people usually do not have their diet and training in order and have a tendency to think the reason they aren’t achieving their goals is simply because they aren’t taking the right supplements. In reality, they just usually aren’t eating and training to achieve their goals.

Prohormone supplements would be an exception- definately endocrine worries there if used at too young an age.

Its also bears mention that, due to the usual fast metabolism and good hormonal environment of someone 18 years old, things like HOT-ROX aren’t needed when diet is dialed in.

But if everything else is in place, and you’ve got money to spend…aww fuck it just send it to me.

[quote]jakewnet44 wrote:
You’re 18…you shouldn’t be worried about fat burners.[/quote]

I agree. Dude, your brimming with hormones.

Stick to a good NUTRITION, a good exercises plan and you’ll be set.
You CAN also consume HOT-ROX and green tea extract, but I think you can get lean at your age without it. I mean, your metabolic rate is high, lipolytic and anabolic hormones and factors are EXTREMELY high, etc.
Also, Fish oil can also be thermogenic and in the long-term help you to lose some fat (adipose tissue) mass, as well as high protein diet.
Once again, nutrition is the best “fat burner”.

Good luck

My advice…if you’re not terribly fat…Read Massive Eat Parts 1 and 2, and then massive eating reloaded parts 1 and 2. Start gaining some weight, get some muscle…that way there will be something to look at when you’ve cut it all off. That’s how I fucked up my training for years…too worried about having abs. And the truth was I never obtained good abs b/c I never had enough muscle to support a really low body fat percentage with the amount of muscle I wanted to have. If you do Massive Eating right and aren’t an idiot like me…meaning you give yourself time to graduall adapt to the calories you shouldn’t gain much fat while doing it, and gain a large amount of muscle. Try it for a semester or 16 weeks or so and see where it goes.
Or…if you’re terribly overweight, like 6 foot, out of shape, and 270 or so…Read the t-dawg diet and refer back to us for caloric reccomendations b/c the calculations used for that diet don’t apply to someone that out of shape.

I didn’t mean to really say younger = less beneficial, I meant there are eaier ways to circumvent getting fat and losing weight when you are younger than older. But yes, the fatter and more out of shape you are, the better it works, I was specifically talking about my case, which I should have stated.

Thanks guys but yes i am actually in a gaining stage im 6’1 190 im trying to get to 215 i just wnated to know and have a heads up so i can stock up while i still have a job:)…I have a lot of excess fat as well becuase i lost a lot of weight i went from 215 of solid lard to 175 and now back up to 185-190 my diet is that of a gaining diet cureently but when idid lose weight the 2 things i did do that i know was bad was i ate oatmeal but i took 1 cup instant and mixed it 2 cups normal and i didnt pay attention to my carb intake but thats because i had troubles getting energy i didnt know of overtraining either but thats whyi lacked energy …thanks for your advice guys