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Fat Burning Supplements: Real of Hype?


I take several supplements, but have drawn the line at "fat burners," which seemed like total b.s. to me. Aside from being loathe to mess with my body's biochemistry, I simply doubt their effectiveness. But I'm open to input, and am curious about what any of you out there in the T-Nation who have taken them have to say -- especially anyone who's used them to lose weight, then stopped them (then what happens?)


Not a burner but, a while ago I tried Korean Pine Nut.
It radically cuts hunger and was shown to increase visceral fat reduction, also shown to improve lipid profile. It helped me drop a little over 60lbs while going from >50% to 20% bf.

I need a serious cut. Initial target is about 10lbs fat, if my ego can stand the attendant hit to my strength... Finally have better Testosterone level help from the Doctors, so no better time then now.

I'm considering Korean Pine Nut oil, green tea extract and/or HOT-ROX. I have one of their counter indicators, but may try and see if I can tolerate it.

The pine nut oil works on different mechanisms, though all three alter lipid metabolism in different positive ways.

Please let me know what you find out.


They work and when you stop taking them they stop working. They help you burn more calories which =+ energy, if you use them while building muscle then when you stop your resting metabolism will be higher because you have gained muscle.


thermogenics are awesome, but I don't really know/care if they work like they say, i.e. automatically cause you to burn more fat by their nature. for me it is a boost of energy. something mild and generic, like the kind you can buy at Walmart/Target, etc., before steady state cardio. something much harder/intense like ephedra before a long squat/dl session. amps me up and helps me work harder. if it helps me expend more energy, then I just consider it to be doing its job.