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Fat Burning Stimulant Free

Hi guys, this is my first post, My boyfriend and his roomamte are on your site all the time and they said that this is the place for answers. My question is, what supplements do you think work the best to accelerate fat loss that are stimulant free. (I cant have any stimulants because it usually briongs on an anxiety attack.) I’m 19, and I just started working out with free weights regularly about a year and half ago, I’ve gained lots of muscle, and now I want to shed the fat, what supplements do you all recomend, also how should I modify my training, and diet. Im thinking fat fast for dieting (problem is I dont eat red meat) thanks for the advise.

Unless you have a lot of fat to lose and need to do it in a short time, stay away from the Fat Fast. Try the Don’t Diet or T-Dawg diet instead. As for fat burners that are not stimulant, try T2-Pro as it provides support for optimal thyroid output without stimulants. Also Methoxy-7 is a good supplement to help hold on to lean body mass and drop fat. Keep lifting hard and maybe add a little cardio (20-30 min, 3-4 X a week) to expend more energy.

Hey, I to used to suffer from panic attacks. I think an all around good multi vit/multi mineral/ Flax seed,CLA, and Citrus Arauntium (sp).

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You’re 19, only been training for a year and a half - and you want to look into taking supplements now? Why don’t you first, modify your diet/nutrition and maintain your training. Or maybe even consider to up the intensity a tad to see where that takes you, also?

Rather than resort to supplements so soon (and I think a year and a half is too soon). See what happens when you begin with some changes to your diet. Check out the infamous "Foods That Make You Look Good Nekkid". That's a start.

T2-Pro or T2 plus Methoxy-7.

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Red meat is high in thermogens thus contributing to your desired effect. Buy some mag-10 and watch the pounds fly off.