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fat burning on Massive Eating diet

I’m gonna throw a lot of questions out here. First I’ve got a question about the six meal a day plan. Yes I understand that the body has a hard time burning fats when carbs are in the blood. But I would like to know how much fat burning drops off after a normal P+C meal. Cut in half? Down to 10%? Completely stops for a while?

Also, if you keep grazing, when does the body burn fat? Is it in between the meals after all the carbs are burned off? During the second half of the day when you eat P+F meals?

I’m guessing that the time when you eat P+C meals your body burns carbs, and in the afternoon and evening when you’re eating P+F meals your body burns fats (those ingested and those in our fat cells). Is that a good way to sum it up?