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Fat Burning Machine?


How can I turn my metabolism into a fat burning machine? I've been lifting for 9 mos. (I know, short time) and I have come down to 14%bf from 27%bf. 228 to 216 now. My program has not been as focused as I would like because I am a traveling salesman but its coming along ok inspite of traveling. Now it seems like I can only lose fat when I gain muscle. Its a pound for pound trade. Shouldn't the fat be coming off faster?

I'm working out 3 times per week full body and eating decently. I would say I am at a 10% calorie deficit but I am not losing fat. Is that because my body is not fat adapted? If so, how can I go about doing that. Thanks for the help as always, this is a fantastic forum!


add cardio.




no, but seriously, where's your carb intake? lower glycogen levels + increased fat intake = more fat burned for fuel.

And are your workouts hard?


If those numbers are correct they are AMAZING.

228 27% bodyfat- 166.44 lbs LBM 61.56 lbs fat mass

216 14% bodyfat- 185.76 LBM 29.96 fat mass

+19.32 LBM -31.6 lbs fat

If my math and your numbers are correct that's great progress for nine months. If you want to continue your fat burning then I'd up the protein intake to around 1.5-1.75 grams per lb(and water to 2 gallons a day) eat moderate levels of healthy fats like olive oil fish oil nuts etc. and lower carbohydrates. Carbs only post workout and for breakfast. Protein first in a meal, fibrous vegetables second and healthy fats third. Do low intensity cardio 3-4 times a week(off weight training days) on an empty stomach first thing when you wake up for 30-40 minutes. Take green tea extract or drink real green tea and if you choose a mild fat burner. Keep training hard in the gym to give your body a reason to keep and in your case since you are still a relative beginner gain more muscle. Training and being a more muscular person is a huge demand on your system and will keep your metabolism racing all day. Combined with some of those other things and the key factor of time you'll be very happy if you are consistent.


That grill is funny! Carb intake is still high. I did the V-Diet for 2 weeks and I never felt more useless. I was a complete zombie! Granted I cut down nicely there are three things keeping me from doing it again. 1.) Being so dam ineffective 2.)Money 3.)Coming off and eating clean is tough, I feel like I just crush my metabolism.

Why is it easier for some people to drop weight? This is a pain! Looks good Scott, i will try it out and yes the numbers are legit, I have taken HOT-ROX, BCAA's (On & Off), Flameout, and ZMA.


it sucks man, but some people (me too) have a harder time dropping fat. For guys like us, we have to be extra careful, but know that it works.

Personally with that much progress, I wouldn't worry about the slowness. You'd doing just fine. Enjoy the new body, and keep lifting heavy shit.

Also, why not try a low(er) carb approach? Like the T-dawg diet or something?


I'm with Scott & boyscout. If what you report is correct you are a phenom! Just because you hit the enevitable plateau doesn't mean you should drop what has been working so well. I suggest you try to maintain for a month or so and allow your body to establish its new metabolic setpoint. Then hit the diet and cardio again when your body doesn't feel so threatened. If you just have to keep losing at the rate you have been, it's likely that extreme measures will be required (e.g. V-Diet again!).