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Fat Burning Help


ok! right now after some huge alcohol periods, my current lifts is a 308bench(140kg) 440squat and 517deadlift raw. I am a 18year old 178cm and 192lbs(87kg)

I understand that the drinking is limiting my gains and actually reversing them, in august I drank heavily 17 out of 30 days.( was stronger and bigger at 17 than 18!: i blame improper training,nutrition and way too much drinking ). at 17 I deadlifted 530 for reps.)

This is of course unhealthy and my life needs a change. So I Plan limiting my drinking to one time a month max, and getting an masters degree. wich i can't while partying all the time;)

So i am ready for some Big ass heavy as fuck training!Education and eating;D
in march my lifts are a 352 bench(160kg) 484 squat (220kg) and a 600bench (273kg) raw. at 95kg+-. and I will reach them no matter what! BUT, Problem is, some fat will come along the way:

Last time I was cutting, it all went well until I had little fat overall. except on my
stomach and lovehandles (had 8,9 Bf% back then). This really pissed me off! and i dieted stricter which more cardio/weights than ever before.(very low carbs medium fat, but Huge amounts of protein.)

And guess what!?:wink: I lost a LOT of muscle and very little fat(about 7%fat lost 2kg pure muscle) measured with a special resistance device.! and now I realize what a fucking retard idiot which lack of proper education i was and probably yet is..To the point: -) -)

The fat on my lower abdominal etc, have always been there. When I was a little kid I was fat--) when I was about 13 i was very strong and quite lean. but the fucking abdominal and lower back fat still hung on---) Now i am fat (14%bf+-) fairly strong. very lean upper back, arms, veins on quads etc. but the abdominal and lower back is full of fat cells. I have been told that IF i get rid of my stomach/lower back fat, I could easily be a model.

So! How can i get rid of this fat without loosing muscle!!
here is a list of some things i am aware of while bulking:

-a lot of water!
-EFA's,! sesamine?,CLA?, calcium?
-No carbs in the evening (past 18.00am)
-lots of veggies/fruits !
-not combining High GI carbs which fats.
-generally eating lean!
-no alcohol,juice,milk(lactose) etc.
-enough sleep/rest
-less stress more anabolic lifestyle generally.
-training heavy and progressive in the gym.
-eating maybe every 2-3 hour. (to keep metabolism high)

so my questions to all testosterone friends!:

should I ONLY care for strength and mass and then cut away fat later considering my BF%? (no cardio, eat more pasta/rice/generally carbs)
or should I bulk very carefully which low carb on non training days,? (this limits muscle gains period!)

why is the abdominal/lower fat back so extremely tough on me? what to do? considering getting under the knife on my own:P
should i start doing some cardio? before or after breakfast while bulking??

should I Consider Ephedra? ECA?!! on/off diet?
Is there any good books that really in depth describes bodyfat and fat burning? and generally bodybuilding a little more in depth than an average article? (love reading here at T-Nation though;D)

any good tips ?

thank you for letting me whine a lot! and thankyou for answering!


It's probably genetic, I'm the same way. If you really want to lose that fat then it sounds like you're going to have to take it to the next level which is something I know nothing about. I do know that it means not drinking.