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Fat Burning Exercise

Im looking for some really good effective fat burning exercise. I know just exercise is not gon help me burn fat if i dont follow a healthy diet. Right now I do 10miles on the stationary bike and about 5miles on the treadmill. If theres anything else i should do please let me know. Thanks

Have you checked this one out?

Tried it, loved it & hated it at the same time! Pure guts and glory, worth a try :smiley:

You’re not doing enough crunches on the ab machine.

Are you lifting weights to go along with the cardio?

Look up an Alwyn Cosgrove program and read the recent article on Gus’s physique clinic

hey dude if your looking for good fatburning weight work, apart from plenty of supersets there are a couple of smash sets mentioned a few weeks ago for shoulders etc i do that really get the heart going and burn plenty of cal at it.

12xseated lateral raise A1
12xseated front raise A2
12xseated shoulder press A3

10xsnatch A1
10xhigh pull A2
10x power shrugs A3

10x Reg D/L A1
10x Ohead Press A2
10x Front squat A3

These were in a program in one way or another and i have used these with great success you have to go light but it is well worth it.

In my opinion almost ANY exercise will help you lose fat… I was about 2 stone 28lbs overweight at one point and I got rid of the weight by mainly doing curls and arnold presses.

[quote]theuofh wrote:
Are you lifting weights to go along with the cardio?[/quote]

Yes I am lifting weights

power clean and push press from the hang, try and get as many reps within 15 mins as you can (set weight)

I used to do complexes after every weight training workout, here they are a la Alwyn Cosgrove:

But recently I gave them up to try this Christian Thibaudeau program. The circuit training here was like shaking hands with the devil:

You don’t have to follow the information to a T, as long as you keep it challanging. I am female and last year I used to do 1 hr of cardio after weight traning 6 days a week. Since then I’ve progressed to 3-5 workouts a week, just a rare 20-30 minutes high intensity cardio here and there, and I am stronger and leaner than ever.

And arm work should be looked at as “do as needed”, not “just in case”.

[quote]Mike_10 wrote:
theuofh wrote:
Are you lifting weights to go along with the cardio?

Yes I am lifting weights[/quote]

Quite the wordsmith aren’t ya?