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Fat Burning Cycle Information?

So I haven’t purchased anything for a cycle like this yet, I’m just searching for information to decide if I want to try since I’ve never done this before. So far I see that clenbuterol, Liothyronine sodium, and Salbutamol seem to be the main three for a fat burn cycle.


  1. What all would I need for a cycle on either of those?

  2. Would I only use 1 of the three or some type of combination?

  3. I’m 5 foot 6 inches and about 190-200 pounds. Maybe about 20% ish body fat (just a guess). Very active person and active in the gym. I do a lot of circuit workouts. In decent shape I guess I could say.

  4. I’m not on strict diet but I do try to make smart choices when I can being that I’m on the go a lot and can’t really do things like meal prep.

  5. Regularly in the gym.

Any information would be great and open my eyes as to what I would be getting in to if I start this. And any information on how any of it can be detected being that I have to provide random urinalysis for work. The random is once a month at maximum if I even would have to give one for that month.

Please and thank you for any information you can give me and dumb it down for me the best way you can if possible.

Most underestimate their bf% although even at 20% diet and training alone will be enough for you to start your weight loss journey and likely reach your goals. Adding compounds shouldnt be your first thought.

Cycle as follows:
Clen 0mg/d
T3 0mg
Albuterol 2mg twice a day with 200mg caffeine
20 daily fork put-downs
2 daily table push-backs

Clen is a nasty drug, don’t take it. T3 is for people who need to squeeze out as much as they can because they get paid to look good. Albuterol is clen’s better looking, smarter cousin. It also happens to not be cardiotoxic. The same cannot be said for clen. Albuterol has been studied and the most effective way to use it is 2mg with 200mg caffeine. It’s more powerful that way than if you use 4mg solo or 4mg + caffeine.

Diet will determine 99.9% of your fat loss. If there was a drug that made fat melt off magically then almost every person who used it would end up exactly where they started three months after they finished taking the drug. You didn’t get to your current bf by eating properly. And so you don’t think I’m judging you I’ll add that I need to drop a little fat too because I allowed my irrational food brain to control more of my choices. It happens. It can be fixed. But other than albuterol and good old fashioned diet there’s nothing you can safely do. If you estimate you’re 20% then I’ll bet it’s 25%. Nobody ever estimates correctly once they’re 18%+. You can get where you want to be, it’s just going to take extra work. I bet you can do it though.