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Fat burners

I am currently doing a cutting phase and need some thermogenics to accelerate fat loss. Porblem is, ephedrine is banned in my country and yohimbine is a prescribtion drug. If you people were to put together an ephedrine free stimulant, what would you include? Some choices are guggul, caffeine, synephrine, l-tyrosine, and some of the mahuang-free formulas out there (e.g. ripped fuel mahuang-free). Any help would be appreciated.

I would start by using the search engine for the magazine. I found that issue no 17, sept, 04, 1998. is titled “the ultimate diet pill” I am sure it will answer your questions. I would probably use what I could and and substitute for what I couldn’t get with stuff that is readily available. I would also be careful with my diet I feel that is more important than any fat burner you can find.I hope this has helped you. bob

Kelvin, you must be from Australia! Australia is about the only country in the world where ephedrine and yohimbe are banned. Anyway, I think the suggestions you made were good, except synephrine is a waste of time. The late Dan Duchaine reported in MM2K a while ago that synephrine caused the blood vessels to contract which caused a feeling of heat but had no actual thermogenic properties. Probably your best supplement would be Metabolic Thyrolean - its fairly cheap, too. Good luck.

There’s a relatively new study out that points to the combination of choline, carnitine, and caffeine as a potent thermogenic stack. Unfortunately, the study’s only been done with rats. However, it might be worth looking into. I’ll try to find the reference for the study if you’re interested.

Could you combine some OCT asthma remedies like pseudoephedrine with say… green tea (theophiline) and asprin ?