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Fat Burners

I’m not trying to beat a dead horse, but I’d like to know if any of the regular readers and posters have used Hydroxycut and if it works. I have searched the previous issues and realize that the general opinion of the writers is that Hydroxycut is not preferred. My problem: I have a 3 month supply. If it is really crap, do I cut my losses and pitch it, or will it hurt to finish my supply, then switch to a different brand. My main goal was to get rid of some love handles, and I have a good diet and workout routine going. Thanks for any advise.

It’s not so much that Hydroxycut is crap, but the company that makes it overhypes the advertisments, plus you have to take so many pills a day compared to Xenadrine, MD6, etc. It is a good product, just overpriced and overhyped. Go ahead and use it since you’ve already got it; otherwise sell it to a buddy and buy something more cost effective like MD6, Xenadrine or something similar. When it all boils down to it they are all essentially the same-herbal versions of the E/C/A stack.

Hans, I wouldn’t say that T-mag staffers think Hydroxycut is ineffective. Keep in mind that 90% of fat burners on the market are based on the same few effective ingredients, namely ephedrine and caffeine or their herbal derivatives. So Hydroxycut is just as effective as any other EC fat burner on the market. Sure, all supplement companies toss in a few other ingredients, but the effective base is usually the same.

I think most people hate Hydroxycut because of the low brow ads aimed at idiots. The supplement is okay, but the ads make people sick (at least intelligent people). Seeing those ads makes me want to throw up, so in a way, it’s a very effective weight loss product, even if you don’t use it! :slight_smile:

So, if you’ve already got the stuff, use it. It’s your diet that’s really going to make the difference anyway.

Lastly, of course staffers prefer MD6; it’s our brand. Why would we formulate and sell a product if we didn’t try to produce the best one on the market? Give it a shot when you run out of the other stuff and compare for yourself. For more info, read my “Dawg School” column in issue #98 in the T-mag previous issues section.

when i first tried Hydroxycut it worked for me, but that was the first time i ever took any type of fatburner. the only thing i really hated about the stuff is that if u didn’t drink a whole glass of water with the pills, expect to burp them back up. You will literally watch the powder (from the pills) puff of your nose and mouth when you burp shortly after taking them. The stuff burns coming back up. I’ve never had that problem with MD6 but with tribex i’ve experienced it to a lesser degree. The moral of the story, just be sure to drink a good sized glass of water with your pills :slight_smile:

I tried hydroxycut and had literally no affect. It did absolutely nothing for me using the recommended dosage.

I heard hydroxycut is 600% more effective then other fat burners(that is kinda funny). And it gets into your system alot faster when you burp it back up your nasal passages(thats not so funny).