fat burners

i cannot handle ephedrine at all. are there any fat burners that work that do not contain ephedrine?

There was another question about this recently and most people suggested T2-Pro and Methoxy-7, both by Biotest. I agree, both very good supplements. Also see the Hot Stuff article by Cy Willson a few issues ago in T-mag. He reviewed all the ‘fat burner’ ingredients and many were stim-free (5-HTP etc).

Can you find straight forskolin.Maybe Enzymatic Therapy makes a version

old adipo and old md6 had norephedrine. much less wiring

EAS made “Phen-Free,” so named because it was ephedrine free. It had citrus aurentium, which is often characterized as ephedrine’s milder “cousin.” EAS may have discontinued it, but I still see it on shelves. They may have reformulated citrus aurentium into another ephedrine free product – possibly “Simply Lean.” Sorry to be so vague, but I haven’t kept up with EAS products for a while.

Actually, the name of the other product is “Simply Cut.” Never tried it myself, but it may be worth a shot. I also saw that Cytodyne put out an an Epherdra Free Xenadrine version (Called Xenadrine EFX, for obvious reasons.) There are a lot of citrus at. bases fatburners around, just get one from a good company, stack it was T2-Pro and Methoxy-7, and watch you diet. If you want to spend a little more money, you can kinda supplement that with yohimbine and forskolin, which are both found in MD6, but not many others; just be careful with the dosage. Hope this helps.

Thanks, Trev. You’re right. I personally had a pretty good experience with citrus aurentium. I used it the one time to date that I got down to six percent. I also got some of that “feel good” lift from it, though that might have been from the caffeine, too, which was new to my system.

I would try t2pro. I just picked up a bottle and it gives me that warm thermo feeling that ephedrind based burners give me. As far as results, too early to tell.