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fat burners

please evaluate this statement someone posted about fat burners…
"the fat burner, IF it works, burns off about 200 calories a day…your metabolism promptly adjusts and shifts itself downward about 200 calories.So you aren’t really burning any more fat.Then, when you go OFF the fat burner, you are left with a new, slower metabolism, so fat will creep back all too easily.The best fat burners remain SOS…“squats, oatmeal and sprints.”
What do you think?
P.S. Too bad Biotest is not going to Arnold which makes me rethink going.

the statement lacks any proof and is contradictory to rational reasoning. i truly despise pseudo-scientific statements like ‘the body quickly adapts.’ tell me how. tell me why…

regardless, i’ve used e/c/a compounds for the past couple of years once in a while, and my metabolism has NOT been hurt in the long run by it.

Whoever wrote this is full of shit, they prove it in their statement. They write “IF they work”, then went on to write how they probably burn 200 cals a day and as a result your metabolism downregulates 200 calories. “IF” there were a question as to their effectiveness then where did this person get the 200 calorie figure and the idea of downregulation of ones metabolism, where’s the proof/data? Did they pull it out of their ass? “IF” they had any doubts regarding their effectiveness, as they obviously do, then this whole theory is invalid. On one hand their incinuating that they don’t work (by writing “IF”) yet at the same time implying that they do work and that they alter your metabolism negatively…all of which is unfounded, unsubstantiated bullshit. Make up your mind buddy.

Also if this were true, and as a result you burned 200 calories less per day…this would mean that you’d be burning 1400 less per week and in a years time you’d burn 72,800 (1400x52) less calories; assuming you ate the same and your activity level didn’t change. This means that as a result you’d put on about 21 lbs. of fat (72,800/3500=20.8) in that one year period…all as a result of using a fat burner… They ARE full of shit “IF” they believe this.

What this fella says has some truth to it but he needs to do a better job of explaining it. What happens when you use a fat burning thermogenic product is your body temperature increases. Try taking your body temperature next time you use a thermogenic and compare it to your normal body temp. This body temp increases causes your body to burn more calories…how many more? Probably somewhere around the neighborhood of 15-20% more for every degree in temperature elevation. People vary on how much thermogenic they need to get this temp. elevation. It might be 10 mg for one person (me!) or over 100 mg for another. Studies have shown the fat burning (thermogenic) effects of ephedrine persist long after the nervous system stimulating effects die down…how long is this? A lot longer then a couple of weeks and probably more like 6 months. Eventually though the body will downregulate back to normal though and it’s best to stop taking the fat burner before this happens. Now when stopping the thermogenic there typically will be a lower body temp, and thus less calories burned for a while it depends on how long you’ve used the thermo, whether or not you cycled usage such as 5 days on/2 days off…2 weeks on/1 week off…using only on workout days or cardio days or many other possible scenarios as well as how strenuously you’ve dieted and other individual factors such as tolerance or lack of tolerance to stimulants. It might not happen at all or could be a few days to a few weeks. However, natural supplements like Power Drive are excellent at getting the body’s natural thermogenics back to normal after a cycle of thermos.

He doesn’t know at all what he’s talking about. Just for starters, one of the main purposes of thermo fat burner (ephedra) is TO PREVENT YOUR METABOLISM FROM ADJUSTING DOWNWARD IN RESPONSE TO HYPOCALORIC DIET. In my opinion, that has always been the main benefit of ephedra in dieting is preventing your metabolism from down regulating while cutting calories and KEEP your metabolism “jacked”. I have used ephedra on many cutting cycles with always excellent results and cutting with ephedra is way easier than without. And I’ve never had problem with metabolism rebound effect when coming off ephedra - my metabolism just seems to return to normal - but no matter how you cut, you need to return to your NEW calorie maintenance level slowly and keep your physical activity up. Anyway, ephedra works and works very well. The proof is in the pudding for sure.

I believe this also Kelly, after about 6 months of normal usage, or the cessation of use, the effects will tend to wain and your metabolism will return to a more normal level. What this guy was getting at is that by using an e/c/a stack your metabolism will be altered meaning that your core temp would be lower than it’s normal 98.6 degrees and thus burn less calories. This as we know would be bullshit, fatburners only raise your core temp by mabye 1 degree, once you’re off of them or the returns diminish your body will return to it’s normal temp. You can’t alter your body temp negatively for a lenghtened period of time if you are of normal health and disease free. Nature will take over, homeostasis will prevail and your body temp will return to 98.6 degrees regardless of what this meatpipe says or believes…