Fat Burners

I asked a mate what fat burners he used - I’ve been using a few.

His answer: CLA - conjugated linoleic acid. “A fat that burns fat” apparently. Scientific study suggests it breaks down stored fat in specific sites such as the abdomen. It also inhibits the storing of further fats. Great. I’ve bought some and will see how it goes.

My next questions. How does CLA sit with a stimulant based fat burner. They are essentially caffeine and other ingredients which increase the body’s core temperature - your metabolism is given a bit of a kick burning more calories.

Whilst they are both aimed at reducing body fat, they do it in very different ways. One breaks down fat and stops it from being stored. The other just makes you burn more calories.

On that basis I should think that they could be used in conjunction with eachother.

I liked Xenadrine as much for the energy kick it gave me pre-workout. Haven’t had it for a month now and I don’t attack my sessions with the intensity that I was.

So, anyone able to advise on combination of CLA and Xenadrine, or another product which does both?