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Fat Burners, Need Info

Does anyone know about ZT-3 Max from PEAK Performance Labs?

Nope, but HOT-ROX by Biotest is darn good I hear

EDIT- sarcasm above

Never heard of it. But I don’t keep my ear too close to the ground on fat burners. Try HOT-ROX, diet and exercise. The three will shed pounds like you wont believe. The key is a good exercise and nutrition program.


I’ve been on a good diet, just came off about a week or 2 ago because I didn’t have any chances for about 3 weeks. I went from 204 to 184lbs since March 14th and dropped from 19.5% to 14% body fat. I was just tryin to find something to get me over that hump.

I think mainly you have to put things into perspective. Don’t look at it like you are halfway to your goal. But that you are now at 0 again and your starting point is 14% obviously you have been doing something to get down in weight so I’d have to believe you are in better shape. Hence you must use your current fitness level as your INITIAL starting point and seek to improve from there.

There are tons of thermos on the market and people experience varying levels of success while using them. You really won’t know til you try it. But you have had people vouch for HOT-ROX already and if you go elsewhere you will hear people vouching for other stuff as well.

Have you changed your diet in light of your new weight ?

Good luck getting over that hump! Or realizing you are at a new point in your journey to your desired goal!

Yea I changed it now I am eating more carbs, for about the past week.

I was on a high protein diet about 185g of protein and I was only gettin 40 carbs and they were from the protein drinks.

I was eating about 4-5 cans of tuna and 2 myoplex 42g protein a day about every 2-3 hours, cheating every 7th day.

I’m still eating good just more carbs. I get about 190 protein, 190 carbs 30g of that coming from greens and a tablespoon or 2 of olive oil in the morning.

I workout 4 times a week and do cardio for 30-1 hour before lifting.