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Fat Burner with Other Vitamins and Supps?

I’m currently taking:

A multivitamin
calcium tablet
fish oil
glucosamine chondroitin

I was thinking about starting a Green Tea Fat Burner.

I started thinking that mixing all these cant be good OR the body wont absorb them.


You’re overthinking things.
You’ll be fine.

[quote]MeinHerzBrennt wrote:
You’re overthinking things.
You’ll be fine.[/quote]


Make sure you eat with the ones that require food. You should look into getting Bioperine (black pepper extract). For many supplements it increases bioavailability (absorption) by 30% and with some up to 2000% (I’ve seen this %, IDK what it means though). You should look into cayenne pepper extract, green tea extract, alpha lipoic acid, as they all help burn fat.