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Fat Burner While Bulking?


Just wondering, if I were to take a fatburner like stacker 2 XPLC or HOT-ROX while bulking, would it be a waste of money? I really like the energy the fatburners give me, but will it interfere with any lean muscle gains I might make.
Is there a chance that it will help burn fat while keeping any muscle that I've gained?

I know supplements are not a miracle worker, but like I said, I really like the energy boost from these products.


I would avoid doing that, use the HOT-ROX while dieting or cutting.

You could try Spike, I haven't used it personally yet so I can't say either way whether it works for me. I will try some in the future.

That being said, what you COULD take pre-workout either by themselves or stacked is the following:

Power Drive
Ephedra or Ephedrine (IF you aren't too sensitive to stimulants)

Again, I would ONLY use these on a bulk IF it's ONLY used as a pre-workout boost.


Thanks for the info. That's kind of what I figured.


You know, this school of thought was once proposed by the late Dan Duchaine, IIRC. It's pretty clever, I think but doesn't pan out usually. He was considering more esoteric adrenergic (adrenalin-like) agents, though, and I think that the commercially available stimulants put one in too much of "fight or flight" state vs. the "restive-digestive state that's more conducive to recovery and growth.

Classes in cell physiology will teach one that glycogen (stored carbohydrate) and triglycerides (stored fat) tend to be broken down in the presence of cyclicAMP (which is ramped-up by stimulants) - where as glycogen synthesis is stimulated under opposing conditions.


So what am I supposed to do with this tiny sample bottle of HOT-ROX?


Wait...are you saying that Spike is bad to take while bulking? I'm in love with the stuff and it would break my heart to find out that I'm shooting myself in the foot with it.


send it to me. im fucking fat. Just look at my pics.



You might prefer Carbolin 19 while bulking.


As you said, supplements aren't the miracle pills, so they won't make you cut or bulk alone. Proper training and nutrition are needed before a supplement really has any effect.
That being said, if a 'fat burner' helps you get a good session in, go for it. As far as the fat burning effects, I would have to imagine those would be countered by an excess of calories. My biggest concern would be the stimulants effect decreasing your appetite.