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Fat Burner Suggestions?


I am looking for a good fat burner.. Any good ones still left out there? And is there any real ephedra made from the alkaloids still available? If you recommend a fat burner please also tell your results while on it..


You are on a Biotest website...

they make perhaps the best natural fat burner...


Click on 'store'.

Click on 'categories'

Click 'fat loss'

you should see it...


something with yohimbine, like HOT-ROX

Or if you wanna go cheap (and I dont mean this is a bad way): caffeine

Honestly, the compounds with the least media attention (or ones that get demonized by the media) are usually the most effective.


Caffeine by itself isn't very effective. Caffeine plus ephedra is one of the most effective fat burners there is.