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Fat Burner Suggestions Please!

I am wanting to purchase a fat burner…I am currently 148lbs (5’9) and have been much smaller - about 132 in the past. I know weight is only one measurement, basically I need my clothes to fit again!!

I an debating between Hydroxycut Max for Women or just Hydroxycut Hardcore. Any suggestions? Which one would have better results? I am following the anabolic diet (high fat and protein, 20g carbs/day) and doing cardio and weights, but my main issue is I love to eat, hate feeling hungry and deprived I am looking for a boost to help me with the last 15lbs.

As well, I’ve heard that Hydroxycut was taken off the market (at least in Canada) a while back, and the product that has replaced it isn’t nearly as effective. Anyone heard anything about this?

Any feedback, experiences and suggestions would be greatly appreciated for these products. The other one I’m considering is Ripped Freak - anyone had any effective experiences on this?

Thanks for the help…I’m off to run stairs in the meantime

How about none of the above and try HOT-ROX?

You can’t get HOT-ROX in Canada, which is where I am. I am trying RapidCuts, which is giving me wicked workouts, and supposed to be an appetite suppressant, although I haven’t had any huge benefit of that yet. However, the awesome training should help at least, and I’m planning on a good weekend!

I’m cutting right now, and there’s only one thing I’ll use.