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Fat Burner Recommendations?


Would anybody give any recommends on any fat burners





Ephedrine caffeine green tea


Diet and Oxyelite; I've been reading you can't get bronkaid in drugstores anymore, any truth to this?


a member since 2009, and this is the first post?


No you can. Certain states you cant and then you also have to give them all your info and are only allowed to purchase so many


OTC --- oxyElite Pro was decent
I did like HOT-ROX xtreme

Yes you can still obtain bronkaid then add caffeine and yohimbine HCL

I just discovered a product called MALICE by chaotic labz --- freaking phenomenal.

1 pill and I am high on life for 8 hours lol



Going by how they feel, HOT-ROX never gave me a buzz or high like many others have felt.

MD6 did though.


HOT-ROX definitely seemed to help with fat loss, but like Nards said, no euphoria.

The most powerful one I've tried is called "Venom - Hyperdrive" by ALRI Labs. Melted the fat right off, but the side effects were too much. I've heard rumours that this company "spikes" some of their supplements with very gray-area compounds and I'm wondering if there was something extra in this formulation.

Living in Canada now, plain old Ephedrine/Caffiene is the best bet - dirt cheap, highly effective, readily available...


Ephedrine + Caffeine is pretty incredible.


I get quite a decent buzz off HOT-ROX Extreme. Maybe even better than EC.

That said, I don't think anyone should be stacking yohimbine with ephedrine, as one poster mentioned.


So I just googled this Malice stuff, and it looks like a pretty gnarly cocktail of various thermos, stims, and appetite suppressants. Including caffeine, yohimbine, theobromine, methylsynephrine, phenylethylamine, ephedra, and hoodia and white willow.

I wouldn't touch it. I want to LIVE, damn it.


OEP is cool, unless u have issues with 1,3.
ECA is the shit.
Yohimbine HCL is great, and I've had good luck cutting with it without sides; if u want an alpha 2 antagonist without a stim effect Alpha T2 is a solid choice.


x5 or 6 on HOT-ROX.

I don't feel amped up by it, but it absolutely kills my appetite.


I agree, and I prefer this more natural approach than so-called "fat burners," which IMO are at least based on these. I'm 10 days into leaning back out (to drop 5-8 lbs) and drink 2-3 cups of green tea a day, sometimes a small coffee in the afternoon. This is my first experience in coming out of a clean bulk so my advice isn't founded on great experience, rather what I've read and have concluded as commonalities. Lots and lots of articles point to green tea as an excellent fat burner.


I'm trying HOT-ROX for the first time (about 4 weeks in) and I really like it. The stim effect isn't crazy strong, but it's enough for me. I went cold turkey on stims for a bit before introducing it, so I definitely feel it. Probably wouldn't if I was still drinking Spike up to the time when I started taking it lol. Appetite suppression is pretty good as well- I'm fasting for some pretty long periods of time right now and not really struggling with that.


Plus it smells like raspberries!


I've been wanting to try the HOT-ROX Extreme formula. Might have to give it a run in April.


I'm interested to see people talking about the appetite suppresion on HOT-ROX. When I was taking HOT-ROX it made me even hungrier. Same thing with Yohimbine HCL. The only supplement I've used that truly kills my appetite is EC.


Also, does anyone know how much Yohimbine is in HOT-ROX? I've read the dosing needs to be fairly high (ie: 10-15mg per dose).