Fat Burner on the Road

Guys, I need some opinions real quick. I got a couple weeks left of WSP and the Get Shredded Diet. I will probably continue the diet for another 3-4 weeks with another one of Waterbury’s great programs. The bad news I just ran out of HOT-ROX Extreme and I am about to go home for a week and a half. Should I just grab a bottle of the old formula from GNC.

I could have the supplement delivered to my folks house but we will be in and out most of the time. I just want to grab a fat burner before I leave. I remember Berardi speaking about ABS plus in the GEt Shredded article, do you guys have any other recommendations that are not Biotest, I know that is blasphemy, but I would like some options. Thank you

If you trust your folks neighbors and are in a good area FedEx will leave your order at the doorstep if you waive the signature requirement.

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SAN Tight 3x per day at GNC or Instone Leanfire. Those are the only ones I can think of that aren’t a complete waste of money. Leanfire is a little expensive if I remember right…

From what I’ve read Hydroxycut Hardcore isnt bad. All a mater of opinion though and what will work for you. I found that fatburning pills acctually have very little affect on me, its when I actually start running, swimming, etc… that I drop the weight. But yeah, being on the road and all, I would give Hydroxycut Hardcore a shot.