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Fat burner Help

I have recently started training again. I was in good shape before but a wife 2 kids and a desk job later where sodas (needed to stay awake) are 25 cents i have gained about 40 pounds. I am finding it hard to train at this weight and I am looking for some help choosing a fst burner to use. I have high blood pressure right now its borderline high so I have to take that into consideration. Could anyone help me? Thanks for any suggestions and yes I no longer drink sodas here at work at a whoping 245 calories a can.

Hot Rox

Check out the deal at the superstore. Hot-Rox is the supplement of choice 'round here for assisting with fat reduction. Check (PM) with Chris Shugart about the blood pressure thing first though.

Hot-Rox for sure! Another recommendation is to do your cardio in the morning, only consuming BCAA’s to help preserve lean tissue. This takes the fat off pretty quickly.

I bought and am using some Hydroxycut. I have noticed that I am waking up about 3:00 a.m. I cannot say that it is burning any fat. (I have lost about 25 pounds on Atkins since January- have plateaued both from a weight and a looks standpoint and am trying to lose the last 10 or so while adding some muscle)

Don’t blame your wife and kids for what you did to your body. ;o)

I loved what Hot Rox did for everyone in the challenge. Hard to argue with those results.

Good luck.

What makes Hot Rox so good? And how long does someone normally take Hot Rox?

I guess I’m one of the few that still actually question the results from that Hot Rox challenge.

If everyone had followed a training program that they have performed before or had been performing regularly, and NOT such drastic dietary changes - and rec’d the same results? Color me ultra impressed.

I believe only only one of the winners didn’t perform anything drastic.

The same questions can be said of any thermogenic or fat loss supplement on the market. How many of the “amazing” results can be attributed to the supplement and NOT a new program (diet/training)? Not many. Or rather, not any.

While I did experience results from Hot Rox, I can easily say that MY results occured via the supplement. Especially when I made no huge/drastic changes to either training or diet.

Several of my friends and I have lost a significant amount of body fat through the use of Hot-Rox alone. In other words, we didn’t change our diets or training for the better. I’ve never noticed this with any standard EC-type supplement.

I believe the unique ingredients in Hot-Rox do make it distinctly different from any supplement that I’ve used, and I’ve used all the standard stuff including Biotest’s previous fat-loss products.

Wow guys thanks for the help I think i will try Hot rox its pretty pricey though i hope it works. As for the cardio in the morning does that make a huge differance doing it in the morning and how much should i be doing Right now i am doing about 20 minutes at night i am trying to work up to 45 minutes. I can change to the morning if that is better.

You were expected to actually stay awake at work? Wow! Most people don’t have to deal with such a harsh workplace. And they forced you to drink cheap soda too.

So when are you going to sue?