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Fat Burner Fraud article


Chris, in your Consumer Report article in the new issue you wrote that these diuretics or laxatives may or may not be listed on the label. Do you know for sure these ingredients are actually sneaked into some fat loss supps?


Did I run tests? No, the products I focused on did list the diuretics. But we do know that some weight loss products that don't list common diuretics or excess caffeine on the label seem to cause people to piss a river anyway. Also, it's no industry secret that some sleazy supplements contain ingredients not listed - yes, even illegal ingredients.

A few examples:

  • Protein and MRP makers slipping in creatine. Why? To fool the consumer into thinking the initial water gain from creatine is muscle from the "5000% better protein!!"

  • Fat burners sneaking in speed (the drug) into their product to increase the stimulant effect. There's a very simple way of doing this, one that can beat most tests. No, I'm not going to discuss it; too many scumbag companies might start doing it!

So if a company is willing to put in creatine or something illegal, then why wouldn't they throw in some relatively safe diuretic herbs to give a sense of instant (yet false) gratification?

Usually, they do list these ingredients; they just don't tell the consumer why those ingredients are in there. So the buyer pees off a couple of pounds, sees the number on the scales go down, and thinks, "This stuff works! I'm losing fat!" Nope, sorry, you're losing WEIGHT.


bump for the good response. laters pk


I heard rumors, prob on this forum, that NitroTech had been spiked w/ some gear in early batches of product... maybe it was cell-tech?

Who knows, I don't buy that crap anyway.

Now that i think about it, I think I heard a similar rumor in the late 80s about....I can't remember the prodcut. Maybe Hot Stuff? Yeah, i think it was Hot stuff


This reminds me of some 24hr. Hollywood drink or similar that a chick I knew once used. All it did was put her on the toilet and flush her out for the next 3 days and get rid of water weight.


I know that whatever the extras where in Cell-Tech gave me an alergic reaction and my body went into shock