Fat Burner Compatibility with Spike

Just curious, is there an effective fat burner that can be used SAFELY in combination with Spike? Having searched the forums, I know you aren’t supposed to combine ECA with SPIKE, nor HOT-ROX for that matter. Any ideas??

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Id say probably Not, at least nothing anyone would recomend mixing. Id say why not got the route other have reported with success. Using Spike on work out days when you want that BOOST for AWESOME training and then use the HOT-ROX on non weights days for the Fat-Burning and muscle preseration effect.

Seems like best of both worlds. That intense training session should allow enough energy exspense and anabolic effect to well replace that days dose of a Fat-Burner then you get the Fat-Burner on the off days.

Thats the plan Ive seen posted that seemed very solid.

Hope that helps,