Fat Burner After Training?

hey guys recently bought a fat burner which i will start to use in a day or 2 and finish my cut of with that. its a nutrigenix fat burner and it says take 1 tab 3 times daily before food. however im intermited fasting and i traing on bcas and glutamine

. so was wandering if taking the pills after my training would that not give me the enrgy in the wrong time of day? and wat if i take al 3 pills with the bcaas sugestions please never used fat burners

Why didn’t you answer these questions before you purchased the product?

Go to the manufactures webpage and see if it can be taken in one large daily dose or on an empty stomach.

no idea man my bro bought it for me and i went couldnt find any answers aye i asked the coaches lets hope for thier reply or if anyone else has experince

just let it go. It will probably not have much of an effect. how fat are you?

i have no idea just got 30 days oeft of cuting thought id try a fat brner aye

I’m not trying to be rude but what’s your first language?

lol i grew up speaking both Arabic and english together but i would go with arabic as my first. its now i cant speak english i just dont give a fuck about how i spell on these forums as long as i can communicate my idea across