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Fat Burned Burning Rest?


I read an article saying you burn 90% during low cardiovascular exercises and 75% during High/ Intense Cardio training. So when you are not exercising or in post workout state/ Epoc etc...

What Percent of fat is being burned during a resting state or basal metabolic rate? Like a complete rest day.



Probably not that much.


Show me someone who actually determined this with great accuracy and put together line graphs tracking daily kcal expenditure on days spent lifting vs recovery cardio vs HIIT vs rest... and I'll show you someone who just wasted a lot of time


So in other words you dont know.


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imo its not worth worrying about , its quite an interesting question but has so many variables plus when you throw in the variables in relation to body types n different metabolisam's etc it all goes out the window .
next time i have a bbq ill measure the meat when i take it off the grill let rest for 10 mins then measure it again to see how much fat if any was burnt at rest .


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According to the older writings of Chris Aceto (who I give a lot of credit to for trying to bring intelligent science into bodybuilding nutrition), Leaner individuals burn more fat when at rest, while fatter individuals burn more glycogen. That's why it's so important for obese individuals to build muscle (jake up that BMR to support muscle mass), as well as do aerobics (theorizing that very obese people can actually lack enzymes to breakdown fatty acids, and aerobic work somehow stimulates their production).

Also rationalizing why just 'being' when you're overweight never really seems to burn any calories, while lean and muscular people can eat an entire cake one day, not even exercise, and the calories just seem to go right through them :slight_smile:



The notion that you burn more total percentage fat (versus glycogen stores) doing low-intensity cardio versus high intensity, and thus will lead to greater fat loss is flawed since it's really the total calories burned during any given time period that results in the amount of fat loss, and you will burn more total calories doing higher-intensity activities.


yes you do burn more calories when doing a low intensity workout

but here is catch!!

you are directly burning "fat" when doing a low intensity workout

and you burn carbohydrates when doing a high intensity and those are quick sources of energy your body has, so when you are resting , your body then converts fat into the ready store of energy called carbohydrates, so in that way you burn calories for a longer period of time than doing low intensity

overall high intensity will burn more calories not necessarily "during" the workout but "after" the workout


This may help shed some light:



didn't Dr. Lowery just do an article about his fasted cardio 120 bpm (he's 42 yo) burning the most fat to get ripped?


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I do not remember exactly, but I think that at rest fat provides roughly 75% of the energy. So, if basal energy expenditure per day would be e.g. 2400 (240 kcal/h) then 1800 kcal would be from fat (180 kcal/h). In reality diet and training state affects the quite a bit to fat/cho ratio. If your diet is high in carbs, especially high GI, and you are in bad aerobic shape, the energy provided by carbs is much higher.


As already mentioned, the percentage of fat burned at rest is very high, but the actual amount of calories or grams or whatever is still small... because you're at rest.


somewhat related i guess...

I used to think muscles used the most energy at rest...i guess because i always hear authors on here saying that muscles burn a lot of calories at rest....

but really the vital organs burn the most...heart, kidneys, lungs, brain, etc...


<--- Waiting for a thread now about getting a bigger heart, kidneys, lungs, brain from some idiot who wants to get super ripped. DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DONE!


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