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Fat Boy Syndrome


I was born a fat boy and have always been a fat boy until I hit my top wight of 260, and has surgeries on both of my shoulders and decided to lose the weight, I dropped all the way to 183 at my lowest. I am sitting at 200 right now with more muscle then I have ever had at 183 or 260. MY question is I have always had a big chest but its not flat and big, pointed and big, use to get made fun of when I was little about it. What exercises can I do to help fix that? or am I stuck with it?



No exercise will fix that.


Are your actual nipples hard, fibrous and sensitive, or is the whole area just flabby?


Not flabby, I have a pretty good chest, just kind of pointed.


Screw the people who made fun of you. Just get your pecs as big as they can get.


No, you just have odd chest insertions. There's nothing you can do about it though, sorry.


Love it!!!!!!!!!