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Fat boy Needs Advice


Spent some time reading the suggested posts, and I've learned a lot so far. One of the things I'm having difficulty wrapping my head around is the motivation aspect of "looking good nekkid". What is it that gives you the drive to workout when you really just don't feel like it? Starting off, I just feel tired and would rather sit on the couch and can easily justify not making the trip to the gym. That's my burden right now, anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with it?


Looking good nekkid is pretty good motivation, but sometimes I've found it doesn't cut it. Vanity can only take you so far. Motivation that works:
Feeling better. I get so lethargic and grouchy if I haven't been to the gym in more than a day.
Determination/sacrifice. I want to be able to master myself.
Self-defense. (For me this is actually a moot point, since I don't know how to throw a punch, but for a lot of people the idea of being able to hold your own in a fight, and protect your loved ones, is very powerful.)
Respect. No offense intended, but if you actually are fat, I can pretty much guarantee that someone has underestimated you professionally because of your weight. You can think of this as an investment in your career.
Best of luck!


When you get pissed off enough, your inner desire to change your physical state will overcome any feelings of laziness, boredom, etc.

Nine years ago when I started training for the first time, what initially got me into the gym was one day when I got out of the shower and looked at myself in the mirror. I was literally a fat slob, and I promised myself then and there I would do whatever it took to change. Sure, there have been many bumps along the road, but whenever I feel lethargic or lazy I remember that fat sack of shit I saw when I was 18-19. He gets my ass fired up!



'Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift this heavy ass weight'.

That gets me motivated, just the feeling that you can do what everybody else thinks you can't priceless.

Successful people just do what unsuccessful don't.



I personally feel like crap when I miss workout days. Also, if I miss two in a row it fucks up my sleep...

In addition, I am a high stress / pissed off person who tries to remain calm during the day so hitting the weights takes most of that away, I take out any issues I had during the day on the bar and feel great when I am done because of it....

Everyone has their own motivation, for some its to hit a pr, to make a muscle bigger, to loose the extra fat, to look good in a bathing suite, or to just improve your health and set an example for friends/family/kids...

Honestly though, if you dont have the motivation and are truely happy the way you are... dont waste your time...


Looking good nekkid is what does it for some people. It doesn't for others.

If looking good nekkid doesn't do it for you pick another motivation.

Maybe a 400lb deadlift is what will get you off the couch, maybe joining a sports team of some sort next season will make you want to do the hard work, maybe it's pride - if you say you're going to lift MWF this week and you do then you can be proud of living up to your commitment, maybe it's a fat loss bet with a buddy, maybe it's being strong and healthy so you can play with your future children in the park without being out of breath.

Motivation is an intensely personal thing (and it needs to be intense too or it doesn't work). When you find it, you'll know.


I find with me the hardest thing is the first week of going to the gym... After that first week I start feeling the positives that being there gives me. More confidence, more energy, better mental state, shit I even feel smarter and sharper... The hardest part is that first week of going. Just force yourself off the couch and go, it is hard to do but once you start everyday will be easier. After awhile you get addicted to that hormonal rush that exercise brings and you will want to go to the gym.

Try writing out your schedule for the week maybe... Sometimes when things are on paper you are more likely to go. Try telling your friends and family what you are planning on doing. Get a friend to go with you. What it all comes down to is you hitting your 'Phoenix' (http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sex_news_sports_funny_grok/phoenix_theory) moment and getting there...


Looking through previous posts I've noticed that time and time again the members of this site come through, and you haven't disappointed. I needed to be inspired, all of you have given me something to go on. I needed to be slapped in the face, thanks for that Alisa with your comment about professonalism. I also needed to be kicked in the nuts, thanks goes to you Ratchet, I'm honestly not happy at all with the way I am.

You guys have given me a lot to think about, stuff I haven't really took into consideration with this whole "getting into shape" thing.

I appreciate you guys.


My inspiration was this

I weight 336lbs, wasnt until I realised if I carried on that way i'd probably die I started doing something. I'm 11 months in, and I hate not going to the gym. Hitting a new PB is amazing, getting those size 32 jeans on is something else. Having a girl again, meeting new people, having some self belief and self confidence.

Fuck being mediocre. This has changed my life.


Speaking of which sidewalk--how HAS the last few months gone for you since your last update? I lost some weight too (but it was unintentional and due to mono >:O) and I'm pissed :). But it seems to be going well for you. I think you'll break the 205 pound barrier at some point this summer.

Sorry for the minor hijack fellas. Carry on.


I don't know how familiar you are with the site yet...but check out 'Merry Christmas Bob' by Chris Shugart.

All you'll want to do is train after you read that.



By far the best inspiration article I have read to date.

Favorite quotes:

"Bob continued to sit there drinking his Natural Light, smoking a cigarette and waiting for an answer, oblivious to the fact that he'd come this close to seeing some serious walnut- crunching ass power."

"Want to lose that beer belly, Bob? I have a nutty idea. Put down the FUCKING beer." (emphasis added)

Definantly feeling motivated, so much I've decided to print this little golden egg.

Thanks Bango.


You got it man...I've read that article maybe 50 times and if never ceases to get my ass in gear when the need arises.


I like to think about my ex wife and the look on her face when she realises what shes missing out on, ive already shed 28lbs in the 6 months we have been apart. So thats my motivation, at the moment anyway


Im all about getting as big but lean and scary as possible.

Looking like i could rip a man in half is my goal, in a non threatening way. lol.



First read this: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sex_news_sports_funny_grok/phoenix_theory

Find something that will kick you in the ass, that makes you say "enough is enough. I can do better than this. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired! I WILL NOT be average, I WILL NOT let other people's opinion of me dictate my reality. I can always do better, can always improve. I am not where I want to be in life and I WILL work hard to reach my goals, my dreams, my future that is far greater than I anticipate it to be.


You will not find motivation on a forum, only from yourself.

It cannot be I "want" to go to the gym, it has to be I "need" to go to the gym.

I didn't want to go yesterday. And I went. I didn't want to do squats, especially a 4x10 workout for speed. I did it. I didn't want to rep out the last few reps. I actually repeated Ronnie's quote in my head when I hit my last rep and hit it harder and faster than the one before. At this point it isn't about want to me, it is about need. I need to get stronger, I need to get leaner, I need to get bigger. Want does not even play into the equation.


Gotta echo this. Reading this thread I looked up that article. It's fucking awesome.


I love this post.....I've dumped 120#'s and not only did I get the satisfaction of "the look" but she asked to come back and I got to politely say "hell no"


Good shit bro...file it away for two occasions:

1) you're feeling good and want to feel great
2) you're feeling crappy and want to feel great

Works every time...