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Fat Boy Gets Strong

I’m a guy in his mid-thirties, overweight beginner. I started training several months ago but have been messing up by not following programs properly, tweaking things, over doing it, under doing it, missing days and weeks, not studying proper form and falling off the diet wagon.Â

One thing I found when getting into the gym for the first time since high school, is that putting weight on the bar is very addictive. I had a realization that I will never have an ideal body but with patience and consistency I can be stronger than 99% of the population. This seems a hellavu better reason to train. Strength sports also seem very open to beginners and it’s all on yourself how well you do.

I am going to follow the Greyskull LP (lifting progression derived from Starting Strength) as closely as possible and take my training ADD out of the equation. I choose GSLP because I can’t power clean yet and it has some conditioning and other cool things written into it.

For diet I will be using the Anabolic diet. I’m going to overeat, work hard see how it goes in terms of body recomposition.

Interested in eventually getting into Powerlifting, Grappling and maybe Strong Man.

Day 1 
Starting weight 277lbs at 5’11 (plan to weigh in once a month)

Thursday 1 December 2011

Reset to some lower numbers to work on form.

Mobility - 2 Asian squats, shoulder dislocations 1x10

135lb 2x5
145lb 1x5
160lb 1x13

Bar x 10
100lb 2x5 1x14

V pulldown 
165lb 1x9 1x5

Neck harness 20lb 4x25
Leg lifts 1x10 1x7

5x10 grease the groove pushups spread throughout the day, plan on raising this by 1 every week.

Day 2
Friday 02 December 2011
5x10 Pushups

I’m interested in watching how this plays out

[quote]spar4tee wrote:
I’m interested in watching how this plays out[/quote]

Thanks Spar, that’s good motivation. I’m not going for PR’s anytime soon, I need to get my form down and work on consistency. Off to the gym now.

Day 3
Saturday 3 December 2011

Mobility stuff, 2 Asian Squats (amazing how this has gradually been opening me up at the bottom), 10 Shoulder Dislocations

135lb x5
155lb x5
185lb 2x5 AMRAP 1x14

Neck harness 25lb 4x25
Ez curl bar 50lb 1x18, 1x17

35lb Goblet Squat 2x5
65lb x5
95lb x5
100lb 2x5 AMRAP 1x15

I squatted at the end of the workout and I was tired going into it. I will do it at the beginning next time. I wimped out on the AMRAP, I didn’t fail on the lift,  I was just exhausted. I am happy with how my form felt, shelf on my back felt solid which I was worried about. I had only done high bar until now.

Pushups 7x10

Read a good article on the hip hinge, I am sure I wasn’t doing this right before. It suggested a few exercises I will start incorporating into my warm ups.

Day 4
Sunday 4 December 2011
Weekly Rest Day

Day 5
Monday 5 December 2011

Mobility stuff, 10 shoulder dislocations, 2 Asian squats

2x5 30lb Goblet squats
Bar x5
110lb 2x5 AMRAP 1x20
(this was interesting, I was ready to quit at 10 as the bar was hurting my back, kept going because I knew I would regret it otherwise, it actually got easier near the end, form was better and I could actually feel my hips moving below parallel, I have terrible body awareness usually)

Bar x5
105lb 2x5 AMRAP 1x15

V pulldown 180lb 1x5 165lb 1x7

DB Curls 25lb 1x14 1x10
Neck harness 30lb 4x25
Ab Bench 1x6 1x5

Pushups 5x10

Day 6
Tuesday 6 December 2011

Pushups 5x10

Day 7
Wednesday 7 December 2011

Mobility stuff

2x10 Cable pull throughs
170lb AMRAP 1x15

190lb 2x5 AMRAP 1x12

Ez bar Curl 60lb 1x13 1x11
Neck Harness 35lb 1x20 1x15 1x15 1x11
Ab bench, moved it to level 4, 2x5

Pushups 5x10

Day 8
Thursday 8 December

Pushups 5x10

Lost 2 pounds this week while eating like horse.

Day 9
Friday 9 December 2011
5x10 Pushups

Day 10
Saturday 10 December 2011

Mobility Stuff

Goblet Squat 30lb 2x5
Bar 1x5 (I would say this is almost as hard as the working set for me, as there is no weight helping you descend properly)
95lb 1x5
105lb 1x5� 
120lb 2x5 AMRAP 1x15 (I wimped out on these again, but I think I gained some insight into the whole process. Don’t don’t just stand there and think how bad it sucks and let the weight get heavier, keep going and let the fact that you are getting closer to your target keep you motivated)

Overhead Press
Bar 1x10
70lb 1x5
95lb 1x5
110lb 2x5 AMRAP 1x15 (I tried to thrown these up as fast as possible to keep from getting tired, worked ok)

V-handle Pulldown 180lb 1x5 1x4 (I almost got an extra rep on both of these but for a couple of inches, I will not count half reps though).

Neck Harness 35lb 4x15 (looks like I have reached my proper working weight with this, after 10 reps these are brutal)

Incline level 4 situps 2x6

Metabolic conditioning: 50lb Kettlebell Swings 5x20 (a lot of these looked awful but I got them all in)

8x10 Pushups

Day 11
Sunday 11 December 2011
Weekly Rest Day

Day 12

Monday 12 December 2011

Mobility stuff

Goblet squat 35lb 2x5
Bar x5
95lb x5
115lb x5
130lb 2x5 AMRAP 1x17 ( these went well but got cut a bit short, I went a little low on the last one and it wasn’t easy coming up. Should have taken a rest and gotten the 20 reps)

Bar x10
135lb x5
185lb x5
195lb 2x5 AMRAP 1x12

Dumbell Curl 30lb 1x10 1x5
Ab bench level 4 2x7

5x11 Pushups

Day 13
Tuesday 14 December 2011
Pushups 5x11

Day 14
Wednesday 14 December 2011

Mobility stuff

Cable pull throughs 2x5
135lb 2x5
155lb 1x5
175lb 1x5
180lb AMRAP 1x15

(I was exhausted after this. I think I will do start doing squats and deadlifts second, after the pressing movement. That way it doesn’t ruin my press but am not worn out by the neck harness and other excercises)

Overhead Press 
Bar x5
70lb x5
95lb x5
115lb 2x5 AMRAP 1x12

V-handle Pulldown 180lb 1x6 1x4

Neck harness 35lb 1x20 1x12 1x12 1x15

Leg lifts 2x10

Pushups 4x11 (forgot a set)

Thursday 15 December 2011
Pushups 6x11

keep it up