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Newbie to the forum. I thought I would create my first ever blog as your support is required to get me back into shape and get rid of this injury once and for all. Currently I have been out of the gym for around 1 year and 8 months. This is due to having Costochondritis. It’s nearly away but can be felt on my sides mainly with dull pain. The pain is only felt sometimes. I just can’t get it to go away! I have recently only started back at the gym and am looking to cut and then bulk. This way round makes it easier on the ribs for me. It gives more time for the injury to heal whilst I can’t do too heavy weights. If anyone has any ideas on shifting the Costochondritis then please let me know. I have ordered Omega 3 capsules as I have read on here that this seems to do the trick.

Ideally my target is to to get to 85KG to drop a weight class when I return to Kickboxing. I’d probably be happy at 14 Stone (88.90KG). I’m looking to start training in MMA when I have fully healed and this weight cut will give me an even better advantage, I feel.

Here are my current statistics;

Height: 6,3
Weight: 17.7 Stone, 112KG

Measurements to follow.

Mods can you move this to the Training Logs section please? My apologies as I never noticed that section previously.