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Fat Bottom Girls


Cause you know it had to be done :wink:

New log stats:


max squat: 205
max deads: 305
max bench: 155

goals for 2011
squat: 225
deads: 315
bench: 160

not that far off and really motivated to hit these. I haven't maxed out since June and I know I've hit an awesome groove these past few weeks. I'm itching to test these maxes in the upcoming weeks.

Things I enjoy:
pretty pictures
lifting heavy stuff
eating good with good company

I'll add that I have been spending way to much time in the past 2 years (yes it's been 2 years) since I've been logging consistantly. You guys (you know who you are!) have been my cheerleaders, my critics, my teachers and my friends. This journey would not have been half as impressive or fun without this pack of wild kids. Thank you for celebrating the Pr's, for picking me up and slapping me around when there were none and I was feeling blue.

Three Cheers and may many Prs meet you around the bend.

Forgot to add link to old log:



Yep, title made me smile...you know I'll be having around here


repost of good pic


LOL! I love the title,

When I was looking over your stats I realized that I think I am competing with you , as soon as I saw your DL I thought "I just need to get to 320 now...":stuck_out_tongue:


^^ Omai....omai :smiley:

I don't post often but I follow your efforts Frenchie. I like your flair, appreciation for life's simpler AND finer pleasures, and the way you approach your lifting.

Go get 'em tigress. :slightly_smiling:


rather fitting intro pic...


YEEEEEEEAAAAHHH BUDDY! Frenchie you are well on your way to exceeding those goals!!

OH. DO you have a tumblr account? I'd love to follow your pictorial antics.. more then i do already that is :}


LilP - always glad to have a true professional following along. makes me feel like I'm in capable hands.

Ronda - why do you think I hound your log so much? A little friendly comp is always in good fun.

Kristoph - thank you sir, those are nice words indeed :slight_smile:

Brute the beautiful - love your new hair style woman! I don't have tumblr but most of my work is on FB which you have seen anyways. The plumber pics need to be "hid" until Novemeber when we have the calendar launch...


I was totally minded to go do some deads when I peeped into my (hand written) log and noticed that I had skipped them this week - oups. So guess what I did this evening?

Warm up the usual suspects...
foam roll
hams and calfs
prayer squat
retard frogs
bodyweight x15

bar x8
95 x5
115 x5
135 x5
150 x5
160 x3
170 x3
180 x2
190 x4 Rep Pr +3.

I was so psyched, the bar didn't feel heavy this evening. I was like, girl you've been benchin 145, like hell 190 is going to feel heavy. lol. I probably could have done more but I dipped too low on my last rep and me right quad/hip seized up on my way up so I just dumped it.

bar x8
75 x5
85 x3
95 x1 - Not really this was totally a push press. Won't be adding any weight to these during the next cycle, but not very hung up about it either...

Treadmill 3.5 mph - increased speed by .5

2 mins at 0%
15 mins at 5%
10mins at 7%
3 mins at 0%

I have some vids, I just need to finish uploading...


That's a heckuva first page of a log!


I remember this pic. I still luvs it :slightly_smiling:


Thanks Dot :slightly_smiling:

Here's the 190lbs x 4 reps vid.

I also dropped the pins lower than usual in the rack today and felt a major positive difference in starting with the low bar.

I must say I'm very glad with my progress on this squat rehab journey. I've learned to sit back, to cue depth, my knees weren't flaring. At this point I would say I need to work on chest up and elbows down... any other suggestions?


That's right Git - that was a special request of yours :wink: good call.

Here's my 180 x2


How could you forget it?


me-ow, Frenchie!! I can't wait to see you bust through those goals.


Oh hai new log!


Yay new log!

great efforts and Oh My goodness!


Real nice squats!


Huzzah for the new log. And excellent squatting! I'm still a way off a bodyweight squat so you're inspiring me.


I like big butts.

And I cannot lie.

Hooray new log, this will be a good excuse for me not to just lurk anymore!

P.S. what in the WORLD is that music in your 190 x 4 video??