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Fat Bomb # 2 from Dr. Darden

A cold burn. Actually for myself it is a cold shower. A recent physician yearly physical exam revealed a loss of 21 pounds. I wondered why? The only thing I had changed is finishing my shower with cold water. The large rain fall shower head completely soaks me after soaping up, scrubbing, and shampooing. The water does not feel cold after the initial warm water. 21 pounds is a lot of weight to lose and keep strength up.

I’m a bit confused. You are attributing 20 pounds of fat loss in a year purely to showering with cold water at the end of your shower?


How long are under the cold water each time?

Long enough to miss meals.


The only variable you changed, in a whole year, is your shower temperature? Not calories in/out, the intensity and/or duration of exercise, stress, different medications, etc?

For the last several years I’d jump in our pool before bed time all the way up to Christmas when the water was almost near frozen. It didn’t effect my weight in the slightest but it felt good!!

A brief exposure to cold water at the end of a (daily?) shower generates an extra 200 calories per day of fat burn due to thermogenesis? That seems like a lot for what was likely a pretty short exposure.

You say you changed nothing else. But since we’ve all been living with a pandemic since March of this year, that also seems unlikely. Maybe increased stress due to your job?

Basically. Since COVID, I have slept much more! I have not been able to visit fast food or restaurants. But, I have not tried calorie cutting. I was surprised at the weight loss. I stay in the shower under cold water until I feel cold! Generally this is at least 3-5 minutes under cold water. This is very refreshing and makes me feel vibrant. YMMV!

The increased job stress is a variable I had not previously considered. Being on the front line of health care is stressful. I do like to experiment with high carb menu items. I am rather brutal on workouts however.

I find stress is high from many things during this pandemic . Since I’m “working from home” I find I tend to grab snacks much more than when I’m working and more than not junk snacks. I’ve stopped eating anything after dinner at 6 so that seems to help a tad.

im bit holding of ‘cold shower’ thing craze :smile:
first of all - cold is stress, / stress is cortiol ,/ cortisol is energy storage .
CNS don’t like high cortisol state in fat burning proces .
cold shower activate adrenalin , the adrenalin response is cortisol activting then ?

Finishing a shower is refreshing! It feels wonderful! You sound like a wus!

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Well it didn’t take long, here come the insults!

Wait for it…

“Well, now that I think about it, I also added the eccentric leg press. It’s great. I don’t need to warm up or stretch even after a cold shower.”

[Hoping someone gets my reference]

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Why not man up and say what you really mean!
I could care less about Your juvenile innuendos on this site! You sound like another wuss! Time to leave this site!