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Fat Binders Anyone?


Anyone have experience with the fat binder Chitosan? It is a patented fibre which allegedly can bind up to 60g of fat. Sounds good for my PB habit. But is it too good to be true?


I remember working at GNC when they first came out years and years ago. It basically binds to the fat molecules and prevents them from being absorbed, which means they pass through your system mostly in tact. Long story short, you get the squirts. Sometimes urgently.

If your PB habit is bad, buy and use smaller spoons. (Seriously). “Fat binders” are a shortcut that can’t determine between healthy fats or bad fats, so overall, they’re not worth it.


Cheers Chris. The science doesn’t seem to give it much credence, but you can’t always go with that! There is also an argument it may impact on fat soluble vitamins, etc, so that would be a valid reason for avoiding it.


they make you leak oil out of your anus. Avoid at all costs.