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Fat Bastard

I apologize if this question has been beat to death but I’m wondering if there is a training protocol that anyone thinks best compliments the Fat Fast diet.
Thanks in advance

Yeah it pretty much has been beat to death. Basically, don’t do Meltdown because you simply wont have the energy to do it. A lot of people recommend 5x5 training. You could also try EDT for fatloss recently published in T-mag.

Christian has had success with his new OVT program. You might want to go into the Lair of the Ice Dog, andgive it a look.

I personally like HST cause the fact that all the other ones make me dizzy as a mofo and when I get a good w/o on fat fast with no dizzyness,I am a very happy man, also don’t do edt either made me more dizzier than meltdown suprisingly…


Woah, HST??? I found that was the one protocol that didn’t work for me! Crazy! Ah well, everyone’s different. Now I know to stop recommending AGAINST HST for fatloss.

I like it cause it doesnt make me dizzy,its frequent enough and long enough for good calorie burn, and the sets arent rushed with like 30 secs rest in between…that really makes me feel like im gonna passout…The first 14 days with the other w/o’s i tryed with FF; it was a good day if I even got 3/4 of the way thru my workout now with this I can complete each workout and still get 20 minbs of cardio in…plus I think it will be a good way to keep my strength as it seems to resemble in the rep and weight schemes some of my old powerlifting workouts where I work up the weights and down the reps to come to a pinnacle over several weeks…and the way I see it, with HST my strength will at least stay the same cause im not doing more than my previous maxes but maintaning those maxes…and if im really lucky maybe my body will like this new approach soo much I might gain a few pounds IF im very lucky.