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Fat Bastard Barbells?


Anyone own a set of the Fat Bastard dumbells? I'm pretty close to getting a pair of their 2" dumbells which is about 40 bucks cheaper than one 2" DB from Elite. The only thing that concerns me is that judging from the pictures on the F.B. site, it doesn't look like the handles are knurled. Any feedback is appreciated.


I received a pair of them free when I ordered a product from another company that carries some of their items a while back. The handles, as you noticed, are not knurled. The only issue you might have is if you want to bring them to a commercial gym........my Olympic plates at home fit them, but some of the plates at my gym did not.


Thanks for that info! Yea, it is my intention to occassionally bring them to a commercial gym so it looks like the handles offered at Elitefts might suit me better.


You can't go wrong with EliteFTS, but if you're also interested in some great products at great prices, check out


those are great prices? i could make most of that stuff myself for a fraction of the cost. anything i could'nt make, my local machine shop could. a trip to home depot and you could get it all. who's paying these kinds of prices for this crap?


good for you