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Fat Bar Pull-Ups

I’ve been having my house re-roof, which meant scaffolding the whole place

now every time i walk out the door i do 5 sup and 5 pro pullups -3" diameter bar

it has done amazing things for my forearms and my pullup abilities on the regular bar have really improved

very cool. I like the resourcefulness.

I only do pull ups on the fat bar now. I totally agree, the forearm pump is amazing.

I love the thick bar. Your grip support area increases and makes it easier to concentrate on other aspects of the exercise. Also when I come back to the regular bar after a while it breathes new life into it.

I do find that my forearms give up long before my lats would though, so I make sure to work my back hard with something else. Usually power cleans and seated rows.

another good variation, is the towel pullup, I love these, I use 2 small hand towels draped over a pullup bar chalk up the hands and get pulling, fantastic for hand strength. You can also do these with pieces of rope, go to your hardware store buy 2 small lengths of thick rope and drape over the bar before like with the towel pullups, much more difficult to grip!

I sometimes wrap towels etc over the bars as well for extra thickness (if you dont have access to a thicker bar!).

Pullups, chinups etc are so versatile and easily one of the most beneficial upper body exercises.

Hang board’s are good too. The ones for climbing. also flat things like beams and ledges.

Also soccer goal or field goal cross bars. Just make sure they’re anchored sufficiently. Those soccer goals can tip over if you’re gyrating trying to squeeze out one more rep.

I just use the beam on the power rack, and if I’m home I grab the divide between the upstairs and ground floor of my apartment and throw down a few sets that way.