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Fat Bar or Regular Bar?

I’m doing the I,Bodybuilder program and I’m using the fat bar for benching. Actually my gym only got a fat bar about 2 months ago so good timing. I lloked up some stuff on using the fat bar online and found that it supposedly makes it harder to use the weight you would do with a regular bar.

I find it actually easier and more comfortable to use the fat bar. It’s on a 25 lb bar, which I compensate for but I prefer it now to the regular bar. I’m tall and my hands are large so maybe it fits my hands better?

What’s everyone else’s preference?

It might be more comfortable to press with if that’s what you’re talking about. But it usually makes pulling exercises harder. Which exercises are easier for you?

bench press, floor press

Havent tried any pulling with it but I guess I will.

Only 25 pounds? Is it shorter? Fat bar I use is 50.

same size. probably hollow inside.

Well obviously it wouldn’t make pressing movements that much more difficult. I think Thibs uses it because it evens out the pressure and supposedly puts less strain on the shoulders or something.

Fat bar, it’s harder, but better for your joints. You’ll probably be able to lift more with a skinny bar, but I’d just man up and go with the fatty.

I have small hands. Fat bars are a no-go.

I use the fat bar for all my pressing movements! Its the shit

When I was having shoulder issues I was only able to Bench Press without pain by using a fat bar. Shoulder is better now and I switch between fat and regular bars. Fat Bar can take a little getting used to but once you are you shouldn’t notice much of a difference with weight used in pressing movements.

I like the fat bar for pressing movements and I’ve used it for sets of curls and then switch to a regular bar once I hit my max set. The regular bar feels like a toy.

There was a recent discussion in CT’s Locker Room regarding Fat Bars:

My gym does not have a fatbar but I use fat gripz instead. They generally make pressing feel much easier, but pulling and arm work much harder. My arm and forearm size inparticular is much improved as is shoulder size and seemingly activation of my chest and shoulders is better too.

I usually use the gripz to ramp up to my 3 heaviest sets then removed them, my strength seems to improve faster when using them this way.

I have small hands and love the fat bar (I assume you mean a 2" diameter). The chest and shoulder pressing have been better than ever. I feel more chest than usual on bench presses. Curls and bent rows feel better too.