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Fat Bacteria or Cop Out?


Article from Discover Magazine:

I?m Not Fat?I?ve Just Got Fat Bacteria
By Jocelyn Selim
May 05, 2005 | Biology & Medicine

An expanding waistline may have less to with what a person eats than what?s already inside, say microbiologists Jeffrey Gordon and Fredrik Backhed at the Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis. Variations in the population of bacteria living in the gut may explain why some people pack on extra pounds while others stay slim.

Gordon and Backhed base their claim on a study of two groups of mice, one exposed to normal intestinal microbes and another raised in a germ-free bubble. The germ-free mice had 42 percent less body fat, even though they were fed one-third more calories. When the animals were inoculated with bacteria from their normal counterparts, the bubble mice increased their body fat by 57 percent in just two weeks.

?We know that gut microbes have ways of breaking down otherwise indigestible carbohydrates, increasing the calories available to the animal, but we thought something else must be at work,? Gordon says. His team therefore also looked at a hormone that limits fat storage in the body. They found that the gut bacteria secrete a substance that interferes with the hormone, causing even more of the calories to be stored as fat than would happen normally. The result is that microbe-containing mice pork up, even on a moderate diet.

?Having or not having certain species in our intestinal bacterial communities may have a profound effect on how efficiently we harvest and store energy from our food,? Gordon concludes. Killing off the gut bacteria is not a viable option?it would trigger opportunistic infections long before it would yield meaningful weight loss?but Gordon is targeting the fat-promoting hormone itself in hopes of developing a better diet drug.


Will they ever stop coming up with dumb excuses for fat people?

If you're fat, it's because you eat too much and move too little. I'm so fucking tired of hearing about glands and hormonal imbalances and all that crap.

A recent study done by the Mayo Clinic, over a period of ten years, showed that thin people are up on their feet an average of 2 hours more PER DAY. http://www.newstarget.com/004163.html

One of the doctors involved in the study, thinks that today's society tends to sit you down more than it used too. Sit in front of the TV, sit to play video games; to watch DVDs; sit in front of the computer... etc. There's so many things now that put you in a chair.

It's the same with kids. When I was young, we had McDonalds, KFC and all the same crap, but we didn't spend days in front of the X-Box or watching Spiderman on DVD. We were outside, maiming and hurting ourselves playing stupidly dangerous games. That kept us thin and bruised instead of fat and diabetic.


That's my personal favorite. "I have a thyroid disorder". While I don't dispute that this exists, you didn't get to be 450lbs by magic. I know a girl who has a thyroid problem, and by watching what she eats and exercising she looks good.


True, thyroid disorders definitely exist, but we're still all responsible for our own bodies for Christ's sake. Effective treatments exist for hypothyroidism, but you have to get off your god damn flabby ass and be proactive about getting it resolved.

Whine about how it's not your fault while you shovel Cheetos into your piehole in front of somebody with multiple sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's disease, you slovenly maggot.


They always want to develop a better drug instead of prescribing a better/healthier diet and more exercise.

They won't make as much money from people cleaning up their diets and exercising more, but I bet that would solve a large majority of health problems.

I wonder how those bacteria would survive once the person begins a considerably better diet, and a consistent training routine.


Starting out, this isn't such a bad article, really. The hypothesis is kinda retarded, though:

Mice without symbiotic intestinal flora will not digest food as well.

Well, duh.

The lie doesn't come into play until this sentence:

The result is that microbe-containing mice pork up, even on a moderate diet.

This is sycophantic BS. Mice on a "moderate" diet will not "pork up", by definition. This sentence is very misleading. Obviously, the mice are either forced to be sedentary somehow, or the diet is far from "moderate" if they are "porking up" as a result of having normal intestinal bacteria. A fat person will see this sentence, and feel "It's not my fault that I have a normal GI tract. MORE LITTLE DEBBIES!!"

HINT: Your problem is not a hormone, you fat fucks. It's the fact that your living room sofa looks like a graveyard for those little oatmeal creme pies.

I despise whiny obese people. They are everywhere around here in Tallahassee. I could throw a stick out into my backyard, and hit two of 'em.


My guess is no. There are so many fat people now that the excuses will never end.